‘Battling Bertha’ the Biography of Bertha Harris - Maurice Leonard


Bertha Harris is one of the most famous figures in the controversial field of modern occultism. She is a Spiritualist medium and, as such, has conducted investigations into the thorny fields of spirit photography; the materialization of entities who, as far as this world is concerned, have died; exorcism; and the laying of ghosts. Read more

‘Best’ of Both Worlds - Rosalind Cattenach


The annals of Spiritualistic history abound with records of the work of many quite astoundingly gifted mediums and such history is most admirably enhanced with the story of Albert Best, his work and his life. Read more

21st-Century View of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism


The idea behind the new layout is to help those coming into the religion of Spiritualism to have a better understanding as to the meaning and intent of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism. Read more

21st-Century View of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism GERMAN TRANSLATION


Die Idee hinter dem neuen Layout besteht darin, denen, die in die Religion des Spiritualismus eintreten, zu helfen, die Bedeutung und Absicht der Sieben Prinzipien des Spiritualismus besser zu verstehen. Read more

21st-Century View of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism ITALIAN TRANSLATION


L'idea alla base del nuovo layout è di aiutare coloro che entrano nella religione dello spiritismo ad avere una migliore comprensione del significato e dell'intento dei sette principi dello spiritismo. Read more

A Little Me Time Colouring Book for Adults - Anne-Marie Bond


Easy, Meditative, Fun) Butterflies - Birds and Floral Whimsical Designs - for Teens and Adults ... Best Gift (A Little Me Time Colouring Books) -Anne-Marie Bond Read more

A Path Prepared - The story of Isa Northage


This is a long-awaited reprint of the story of Isa A Northage’s astounding physical and mental mediumship with a particular emphasis on the wonderful healing work which was carried out through her by the dedicated Spirit Team, including surgery by materialised spirit doctors, mainly at the Pinewoods Sanctuary and Church, which were built in the grounds of Newsted Abbey, Nottinghamshire. Read more

A Pot Pourri of Spiritualism


A selection of miscellaneous thoughts suitable for readings and discussion. Read more

A Report of the Mysterious Noises


Heard in the House of Mr. John D. Fox in Hydesville, Arcadia, Wayne County, authenticated by the certificates, and confirmed by the statements of the citizens of that place and vicinity. Read more

Alec Harris The full story of his remarkable physical mediumship


Louie tells here of the development of trance, direct voice, healing and, after six years’ work with their Spirit team, solid-form materialisations in red light. Included also arc wonderful accounts of families reunited across the veil of death’ and old friends conversing in many languages unknown to Alec. Read more

Alfred Kitson - The final chapter


The final part of Kitson’s autobiography published for the first time. Kitson starts to explain the driving force behind the early Lyceumists and gives an insight into the trust that they placed in the spirit teachers who visited them. Read more

All about Mediumship - Ursula Roberts


Ursula Roberts (above) was a medium for many years, demonstrating not only throughout Great Britain and Europe but countries as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, Egypt and Finland. Read more

An Angel in the Playground - Julie Finnemore


An Angel in the Playground written by Julie Finnemore, an SNU Individual Member. As featured in the February 2019 SNU TODAY magazine. Read more

An Exploration of Trance Mediumship - Chris Ratter Psychic Surgeon


Chris takes the reader on a touching quest to find greater understanding of the bridge between our world and the world of spirit, explaining key aspects of trance mediumship as well as introducing the reader to his spirit team and providing insight as to how he came to know his individual guides. Read more

Ancient Magic and Modern Spiritualism


A faithful reproduction of an original publication from The Two Worlds Publishing Co Ltd. Featuring an address delivered at the Winter Soirees in London by Emma Hardinge Britten, on December 4th, 1865. Read more

Angels Speak - Carolyn Hornblow


This book can change your life. Similar to Desiderata, these fifty inspired ‘talks’ can assist you to live a more satisfying, happier life. You are given tools to help you connect to your Spiritual Soul Self. Read more

Animals in the Spirit world


The bond of love and loyalty between a human and his or her animal companion can be profound, life-changing and immeasurable. As a consequence, the loss of that beloved animal can be crippling. Harold Sharp’s book explains with gentle simplicity and touching examples why ‘death’ can never sever that uniquely precious bond, and why reunion of human and animal loved ones is not only possible but inevitable. Read more

Arthur Findlay - Looking Back


In this book Arthur Findlay gives the story of his life. He tells of his childhood, schooldays, business and social life and of his wonderful psychic experiences. He writes about the books he has written and how he has endeavoured by these books to help his readers in the outlook on life. Read more

Arthur Findlay - On The Edge of the Etheric


Is the spirit world real and tangible? Does it inhabitants retain their individuality? Is it true that spirit people eat? What is the afterlife like? Do dogs, cats and other animals survive physical death? What kind of house do the so-called dead live in? All these questions – and many more are answered simply and frankly in Arthur Findlay’s On the Edge of the Etheric. Read more

Arthur Findlay - The Curse of Ignorance Vol 1


From the time Arthur Findlay commenced to write the first chapter of this book to the passing of the final proof of the last page of the Second Volume, seven years elapsed, during which time he devoted six hours a day, every day of the week. Read more

Arthur Findlay - The Curse of Ignorance Vol 2


Only after the two volumes of The Curse of Ignorance have been read, and pondered over, will the reader realise the revolution in thought this work may someday bring about. It is certainly history written with a purpose. Read more

Arthur Findlay - The Psychic Stream


When man first realised the difference between nature spirits and the spirits of the so-called dead, he discovered the source of the psychic stream. Man made one of the most important discoveries, one which has had a more profound effect on human thought than any other. Since that date the stream has never ceased to flow, as contact has continued between the physical and the etheric orders of existence till the present day. Read more

Arthur Findlay - The Rock of Truth


This is Arthur Findlay’s second book. In it he investigates the origin of the Christian faith. It is the purpose of this book to make this knowledge known throughout the world for only by increased knowledge can we gain a real understanding of the reason for our existence here. Read more

Arthur Findlay - The Torch of Knowledge


A story of the twentieth century and the changes which will take place as the result of increased knowledge. Ignorance is the curse of God. Knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to Heaven. -Shakespeare Read more

Arthur Findlay - The Unfolding Universe


This is Arthur Finlay’s greatest book. In it he gives a comprehensive picture of the Universe, as revealed by spiritualism… His philosophy and his psychic experiences must satisfy all human desires as to life and conduct on earth and our destiny after death Read more