‘Battling Bertha’ the Biography of Bertha Harris - Maurice Leonard


Bertha Harris is one of the most famous figures in the controversial field of modern occultism. She is a Spiritualist medium and, as such, has conducted investigations into the thorny fields of spirit photography; the materialization of entities who, as far as this world is concerned, have died; exorcism; and the laying of ghosts. Read more

‘Best’ of Both Worlds - Rosalind Cattenach


The annals of Spiritualistic history abound with records of the work of many quite astoundingly gifted mediums and such history is most admirably enhanced with the story of Albert Best, his work and his life. Read more

21st-Century View of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism


The idea behind the new layout is to help those coming into the religion of Spiritualism to have a better understanding as to the meaning and intent of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism. Read more

21st-Century View of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism GERMAN TRANSLATION


Die Idee hinter dem neuen Layout besteht darin, denen, die in die Religion des Spiritualismus eintreten, zu helfen, die Bedeutung und Absicht der Sieben Prinzipien des Spiritualismus besser zu verstehen. Read more

21st-Century View of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism ITALIAN TRANSLATION


L'idea alla base del nuovo layout è di aiutare coloro che entrano nella religione dello spiritismo ad avere una migliore comprensione del significato e dell'intento dei sette principi dello spiritismo. Read more

A Biography of The Brothers Davenport


Ira and William Davenport were undoubtedly controversial, being accused of fraud on many occasions; however, others were convinced that the phenomena produced in their presence was genuine. Read more

A Path Prepared - The story of Isa Northage


This is a long-awaited reprint of the story of Isa A Northage’s astounding physical and mental mediumship with a particular emphasis on the wonderful healing work which was carried out through her by the dedicated Spirit Team, including surgery by materialised spirit doctors, mainly at the Pinewoods Sanctuary and Church, which were built in the grounds of Newsted Abbey, Nottinghamshire. Read more

A Pot Pourri of Spiritualism


A selection of miscellaneous thoughts suitable for readings and discussion. Read more

A Report of the Mysterious Noises


Heard in the House of Mr. John D. Fox in Hydesville, Arcadia, Wayne County, authenticated by the certificates, and confirmed by the statements of the citizens of that place and vicinity. Read more

Alec Harris The full story of his remarkable physical mediumship


Louie tells here of the development of trance, direct voice, healing and, after six years’ work with their Spirit team, solid-form materialisations in red light. Included also arc wonderful accounts of families reunited across the veil of death’ and old friends conversing in many languages unknown to Alec. Read more

Alfred Kitson - The final chapter


The final part of Kitson’s autobiography published for the first time. Kitson starts to explain the driving force behind the early Lyceumists and gives an insight into the trust that they placed in the spirit teachers who visited them. Read more

All about Mediumship - Ursula Roberts


Ursula Roberts (above) was a medium for many years, demonstrating not only throughout Great Britain and Europe but countries as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, Egypt and Finland. Read more

An Angel in the Playground - Julie Finnemore


An Angel in the Playground written by Julie Finnemore, an SNU Individual Member. As featured in the February 2019 SNU TODAY magazine. Read more

Ancient Magic and Modern Spiritualism


A faithful reproduction of an original publication from The Two Worlds Publishing Co Ltd. Featuring an address delivered at the Winter Soirees in London by Emma Hardinge Britten, on December 4th, 1865. Read more

Animals in the Spirit world


The bond of love and loyalty between a human and his or her animal companion can be profound, life-changing and immeasurable. As a consequence, the loss of that beloved animal can be crippling. Harold Sharp’s book explains with gentle simplicity and touching examples why ‘death’ can never sever that uniquely precious bond, and why reunion of human and animal loved ones is not only possible but inevitable. Read more

Arthur Findlay - Looking Back


In this book Arthur Findlay gives the story of his life. He tells of his childhood, schooldays, business and social life and of his wonderful psychic experiences. He writes about the books he has written and how he has endeavoured by these books to help his readers in the outlook on life. Read more

Arthur Findlay - On The Edge of the Etheric


Is the spirit world real and tangible? Does it inhabitants retain their individuality? Is it true that spirit people eat? What is the afterlife like? Do dogs, cats and other animals survive physical death? What kind of house do the so-called dead live in? All these questions – and many more are answered simply and frankly in Arthur Findlay’s On the Edge of the Etheric. Read more

Arthur Findlay - The Curse of Ignorance Vol 1


From the time Arthur Findlay commenced to write the first chapter of this book to the passing of the final proof of the last page of the Second Volume, seven years elapsed, during which time he devoted six hours a day, every day of the week. Read more

Arthur Findlay - The Curse of Ignorance Vol 2


Only after the two volumes of The Curse of Ignorance have been read, and pondered over, will the reader realise the revolution in thought this work may someday bring about. It is certainly history written with a purpose. Read more

Arthur Findlay - The Psychic Stream


When man first realised the difference between nature spirits and the spirits of the so-called dead, he discovered the source of the psychic stream. Man made one of the most important discoveries, one which has had a more profound effect on human thought than any other. Since that date the stream has never ceased to flow, as contact has continued between the physical and the etheric orders of existence till the present day. Read more

Arthur Findlay - The Rock of Truth


This is Arthur Findlay’s second book. In it he investigates the origin of the Christian faith. It is the purpose of this book to make this knowledge known throughout the world for only by increased knowledge can we gain a real understanding of the reason for our existence here. Read more

Arthur Findlay - The Torch of Knowledge


A story of the twentieth century and the changes which will take place as the result of increased knowledge. Ignorance is the curse of God. Knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to Heaven. -Shakespeare Read more

Arthur Findlay - The Unfolding Universe


This is Arthur Finlay’s greatest book. In it he gives a comprehensive picture of the Universe, as revealed by spiritualism… His philosophy and his psychic experiences must satisfy all human desires as to life and conduct on earth and our destiny after death Read more

Arthur Findlay - The Way of Life


A guide to the Etheric World giving 419 extracts from verbatim records of sittings with John Campbell Sloan, the famous Glasgow Direct Voice Medium, taken from the works of, and arranged by Arthur Findlay. Read more

Arthur Findlay - Where Two Worlds Meet


The Verbatim Record of a Series of Nineteen Seances with John Campbell Sloan, the famous Glasgow Direct Voice Medium. Read more

Autobiography of Alfred Kitson


Autobiography of Alfred Kitson Read more

Autobiography of Emma Hardinge Britten


The extraordinary life of Emma Hardinge Britten, has been a source of inspiration to many Spiritualists throughout the past one hundred and fifty years. This autobiographical account of Emma’s life is both astonishing, interesting, and electrifying to say the least. Read more

Beyond Reasonable Doubt - Trevor Davey


The aim of this book is not only to provide information and guidance (without being dictatorial or promoting a particular way of thinking) but also to generate ideas and thoughts for students of Spiritual Understanding to consider in their investigations. Read more

Breathing Techniques for Self Healing by George Moon


This booklet was written a number of years ago by the SNU Guild of Spiritualist Healers (now superseded by the SNU Healing Committee) by George Moon DSNU(h) before his passing to spirit. He was an active worker for the SNU Guild of Spiritualist Healers and the propagation of Spiritual Healing in the London area. Read more

Children are our Future - Doris Davey


Children are our future incorporates stories for younger children with a moral tone, and addresses the spiritual awareness and inquisitiveness of the young mind are just the start of the “Tree of Knowledge” every caring parent, grandparent and guardian wishes for. Read more

Colin Fry - Inspired of Spirit


"Inspired of Spirit" presents trance teachings from Magnus, one of Colin's spirit guides. A financial director of a publishing company in the late Victorian era, Magnus passed on around the turn of the last century. He acts as a spokesman for a group called "The Diamond." Read more

Colour in Health and Disease


Colour in Health and Disease Read more

Doris Collins - A woman of spirit


The first hint of Doris Collins’s incredible talents came when, just twelve years old, she heard a disembodied voice which saved her sister Lily’s life. Read more

Drawing Floral Circle Auragraphs: Vol 1 Introduction to Psychic Art


The DrawingFloral Circle Auragraphs for Adults using simple, easy to follow step-by-step instructions - to teach beginner artists how to draw the botanical, floral ring circles of Auragraphs by using the trace over and sketch method. No experience required! Read more

Echoes - Teachings from the past wisdom for the present by Debra Skelton


Debra Skelton has prepared a feast for the spiritually hungry of heart and mind in this contemporary anthology of wisdom from the great minds of the 19th century’s spiritual renaissance and others within the theurgic lineage. Read more

Eileen Garrett Volume One


This volume contains Eileen’s two autobiographies, from 1941 and 1968. It also includes Allan Angoff's biography published in 1974. Whilst his book includes many references to Eileen’s own books, it adds to the picture we gain of the life of this outstanding medium. Read more

Eileen Garrett Volume Two


Eileen Garrett was an outstanding trance medium. She demonstrated, what was to many, conclusive proof of survival; however, she always doubted the source of the information that came through her. Read more

Ena Twigg - Medium


In this book the authors write about the case of Cynthia Sandys and Rosamond Lehmann, friends of Ena’s, both of whom lost their daughters within a couple of years of them being married, and how they achieved communication with, not just through Ena’s mediumship, but also their own. Read more

Eric Hatton - Taking up the challenge


Taking up the challenge is the story of one man’s determination to find answer to the question we will all ask at some time or another is there life after death? Read more

Estelle Roberts - Fifty Years a Medium


The book is packed with personal anecdote. Descriptions of mass meetings at the Royal Albert Hall interchange with those of inmate private sittings. It deals at length with clairvoyance, clairaudience and psychometry; with healing and with the laying of ‘ghosts’. Of particular interest are the descriptions of direct voice seances and their resulting communications with departed spirits. Read more

Experiences of Trance, Physical Mediumship and associated phenomena Part 1


After Katie Halliwell attended a physical seance given by Stewart Alexander for the first time in 1999, she quickly discovered that friends and re1atives did not appreciate the solid reality of her experiences. She attended more of his public seances and wrote re­ports explaining the true and genuine phenomena of trance, Direct Voice and materialisation. She also provided excerpts of the record­ings of these seances. Read more

Experiences of Trance, Physical Mediumship and associated phenomena Part 2


Part Two includes, as did Part One, a read and listen section as Spirit people talk about their own post-death experiences, communicating by 'direct voice' while materialised in the seance room. Read more

Experiences of Trance, Physical Mediumship and associated phenomena Part 3


This final book of the ‘Alexander Project’ trilogy and the accompanying CD provides further interesting reports of trance and physical phenomena. Read more

Faces of the living dead - Paul Miller


A talented journalist. artist and draughtsman by profession. Frank Leah possessed a far more extraordinary gift: he was the greatest psychic artist this world has seen. Read more

Faiths, Facts And Frauds of Religious History - Emma Hardinge Britten


This classic is a must for all spiritualists to read. An enlightening account of many different aspects of philosophy and science. Read more

From Christian to Spiritualist a Lyceum Publication by Molly Biggin


This book is not just a story; it is the story of a family group and the transition from orthodox Christianity to Spiritualism. It tells of the changes in life for a couple, him spiritualist and her Christian. Read more

Glimpses of the Next State by Vice-Admiral W.Usborne Moore


This is a classic of one mans’ investigation of the phenomena of Spiritualism. Read more

Great moments of Modern Mediumship vol 1 - Maxine Melleur


Author and editor Maxine Meilleur has collected more than 200 of the most interesting and intriguing cases in the annals of mediumship and psychical research, summarizing each one in what amounts to something of an encyclopedia of the subject. I am unaware of any other single book containing more stories of evidential mediumship. An excellent primer for anyone not acquainted with the subject and a good refresher for those familiar with it. Read more

Great Moments of Modern Mediumship Vol II


Great Moments of Modern Mediumship: Volume 2 follows on where Great Moments of Modern Mediumship: Volume I left off. Categorized by subject (such as Apports, Absent Healing, Private Trance Sittings, etc.), this book records a further 190 moments and references the sources. Read more

Guidance for Students


This booklet is designed to help students to improve their study skills whether you are tackling a SNU course after leaving education for a long time or you are a more experienced student and getting along well but have certain areas that you would like to improve. Read more

Harold Sharp Auragraphs - The Complete Collection: Vol 1


One hundred of Harold Sharp's Auragraphs spread across two volumes, carefully reproduced from his original journals, this is the first time a definitive collection of Sharps auragraphs have been available in book form. Read more

Harold Sharp Auragraphs - The Complete Collection: Vol 2


One hundred of Harold Sharps Auragraphs spread across two volumes, carefully reproduced from his original journals, this is the first time a definitive collection of Sharps auragraphs have been available in book form. Read more

Harrison Connections: Tom Harrison's 'Desire to communicate' - Ann Harrison


Ann Hanison, sets forth communication coming from Tom since his transition, showing that he is still very much active in spreading the gospel of survival. Read more

How to take minutes


For all SNU Churches keeping a record of meetings is a necessary and vital part of being effective. Minutes provide an accurate written record of actions and decisions taken at a meeting for future reference. Read more

How to write a thesis


A step by step guide to extending your Spiritualist education Read more

Hydesville In History - M.E. Cadwallader


From time immemorial, people of all ages and cultures have dreamed dreams, seen visions, encountered the so-called dead and experienced other psychic happenings. However, it was not until March 1848 that the spirit world made an organized, concerted effort to forge a link between here and Hereafter. Read more

Hymn book (Hardback)


420 Hymns in a hard back book. Read more

I come to the garden


For over fifty years the Reverend Dorothy Graff Flexer demonstrated the unique gift of Trumpet Mediumship. The voices of the departed and Master Teachers were once again heard in the mortal world. Dorothy and her husband Or Russell Flexer devoted their lives to the spiritual community that they founded and which still flourishes at Sarasota Florida. Read more

In Search of Maria B. Hayden - Sharon DeBartolo Carmack


The American Medium who brought Spiritualism to the UK Read more

Introduction to Spiritualism


All you need to begin your journey as a Spiritualist! includes a valuable introduction to the history of the movement, including insights into the Seven Principles, mediumship, education and how the structure operates today. Read more

JJ Morse - Trance Medium


James Johnson Morse is regarded as one of Spiritualism’s finest trance mediums. This 2013 expanded volume brings together many documents either by Morse himself or the ‘Spirit Control’ Tien Sien Tie. Read more

Judith Seaman - Trance Mediumship


This book is a simple and honest view of trance mediumship, combining the author’s knowledge alongside that of her spirit guides. In ancient times Shaman and tribal elders etc., used the altered states of consciousness to consult with their ancestors for spiritual and life guidance. Read more

Learn How to Colour Auragraphs: Deluxe Edition Vol 6


A unique one-of-a-kind, Auragraph colouring book for adults with over x70 varied images to unleash the colourist in you! Read more

Leaves from an Autumn Diary


A selection of philosophical musings by Minister Bob Kitching Read more

Letters from Julia - W.T Stead


William Thomas Stead was an English newspaper editor who was regarded as controversial due to his interest in Spiritualist phenomena, not only as an investigator, but also as a medium himself; hence this book. In 1912 he was travelling to America to meet the medium Etta Wriedt, when he became one of the victims of the Titanic disaster. Read more

Life after death: Living proof


Tom, born into a Spiritualist family, in 1918, has experienced psychic phenomena from an early age. His mother, Minnie, had developed her natural mediumistic gifts from childhood. In 1946 as one of the original members of their weekly Home Circle in Middlesbrough, with his mother as the medium, he witnessed the breathtakingly unique and rapid progress of the Physical phenomena. Read more

Living in Two Worlds - Ursula Roberts


Living in Two Worlds is Ursula Roberts’ rather unusual account of the life story of a well known medium who describes herself as the symbol in the story written by Hans Anderson: the ugly duckling which turned into a swan. Read more

Magician to Mystic - A Mediumistic Path to a Spiritual Life


This book is a must for any serious student of the sacred art of mediumship, and a spiritual gift to all chose who seek their divine creativity. Written in collaboration between Brian Robertson and Simon James. "This is a truly wonderful book drawing on western philosophy and spiritual traditions. Its honesty and integrity leap off every page. All seekers of wisdom will find something in this beautifully constructed book. This is a rare find and I cannot enthuse enough" Read more

Margery the Medium - J. Malcolm Bird


Margery Crandon was a physical medium. In her presence objects levitated, lights appeared and the both direct and independent voice phenomena occurred. All this under the most rigorous test conditions ever conceived by not only scientists but also by Houdini himself. Read more

Materialisations - Harry Boddington


Though extremely rare, materialisations is one of the most dramatically evidential forms of mediumship. In this masterly investigation into materialisations, leading Spiritualist Harry Boddington examines a range of séance room phenomena including table tilting, levitation and ectoplasm. Read more

Mavis with Spirit - Mavis Pittilla


Mavis Pittilla was born in the busy industrial town of Middleton in the early years of the Second World War. The family had historic links with the cotton mills, so it was no surprise to find her working there following her very ordinary childhood. However, the relative peace of her teenage years turned to traumatic illness which led to the development of mediumship. To quote Mavis “Its unfoldment came as a bit of a shock” Read more

Mediumship Within - Chris Ratter


In this book Chris Ratter combines practical advice with personal experience to inform and guide the reader on the development of mediumship and healing. Read more

Mini Hymn Book


Large print with 60 hymns. Read more

Modern Spiritualism - W.H Evans


Modern Spiritualism - W.H Evans Read more

More Wisdom of Ramadahn - Ursula Roberts


"All Ramadhan books that came through Ursula Roberts are marvellous. This follows-on from the first wisdom book and again is mostly in question and answer format which is very handy, with most answers short and straightforward to read." Read more

Mrs Millers Gift


For 75 years the Edinburgh College of Parapsychology has given its services to the people of Edinburgh. A registered charity, constitutionally dedicated to its independence, the College is the only foundation of its type in Scotland. Once over 20 such psychical societies flourished in the UK. but only a few have survived to the present. Read more

Mrs Piper and The Society for Physical Research


When this book was first published in 1903 Leonora Piper was regarded as the most tested trance medium to date. A quote from the S.P.R. (Society for Psychical Research) stated: “Mrs Piper’s mediumship is one of the most perfect which has ever been discovered.” Read more

My Greatest Story - Hanna Swaffer


‘My Greatest Story’ is quite a title considering the many great stories Hannan Swaffer wrote in his long and distinguished journalistic career. He was in his day one of Britain’s most well known theatre critics and editor of some of the UK’s leading National Newspapers. Read more

Myths and Misconceptions of Spiritualism - Vi Kipling FSNU


This book is a no holds barred, straight talking, attempt to put the record straight. To open people’s eyes to see that the truth behind Spiritualism is so simple, that there is no death and that there is nothing to fear from those that have gone on before us to that place Spiritualists call the spirit world. Read more

Nan Mckenzie Healer and Medium


Nan Mackenzie was well-known for her trance healing mediumship; however, she was also an outstanding communicating medium. For over sixty years she worked tirelessly in conjunction with 'Running Water', her spirit control, thousands of people to be healed. Read more

Nettie Coburn - Trance Medium


At the height of the American civil war Nettie Colburn, then only a young gave trance sittings to the American President. What did the Spirit world tell him? Read more

On The Side Of Angels - Gordon Higginson's Life Story


Gordon Higginson’s birth was ordained -by the spirit world. Now none would dispute that he is Britain’s best-known medium, one whose gifts include not only trance and clair­voyance, but the dramatic faculty of materialisation when the so-called dead literally appear in the seance-room to be reu­nited with loved ones. Read more

Parish the Healer - Maurice Barbanell


William Parish was regarded as the best healing medium of his day. He received 15,000 letters a year requesting help. He began his healing ministry because he cured his wife of cancer, after she had been told she had only six months to live! Read more

Pathway to Mediumship - Jackie Wright


This book is designed to give the reader an insight into the authors own personal journey of mediumship development, recounting the tears and laughter she en­countered on the way. As well as a few exercises and advice for the student of mediumship to help them on their own personal journey. Read more

Paul Man of Spirit - The world of Paul Jacobs


Paul Jacobs is a leading medium in the world today and a foremost teacher of mediumship. Each year thousands of people flock to his demonstrations of mediumship and many hundreds of students book onto his training courses. Read more

Pearls of thought and wisdom


Pearls of thought and wisdom Read more

Philosophy of Spiritualism book


NOW IN STOCK! Read more

Primrose Hill - Jon Parry


It's mid winter and care home resident Mary Peters is missing. Detective Sergeant Danbury finds an old diary dated 1916 in her room. It tells a story of life on the home front and the never ending love between Mary and Francis, a solider in the Great War. After reading the diary, Danbury thinks he knows where Mary might be, and races to find her before the weather claims her. Read more

Proverbial Proverbs as viewed by Stanley Bond


A look at proverbs, familiar and obscure, with an interesting slant, certain to make you think. Read more

Silver Birch


Known as the “Guide of the Hannen Swaffer Home Circle” The medium of these circles was left anonymous and for over thirty years his identity was a mystery. The sitters and later the stenographers of this intimate circle were also not generally known. Read more

Silver Birch Series - A voice in the wilderness


Edited By Tony Ortzen. Most of the material in this book came from handpicked cuttings at the at the archives of Psychic News, though it also draws upon the out-of-print Home Circle and Spirit Guidance. Read the advice the guide gave to a Member of Parliament, a senior Army chaplain and delegates at an International Spiritualist Federation congress. Read more

Silver Birch Series - Guidance from Silver Birch


Edited by Ann Dooley. A former Fleet Street Journalist, Ann Dooley later became a reporter at Psychic News, first ‘meeting’ Silver Birch in 1963. Amongst subjects in this compilation are the problems of suffering and communication with the spirit world. Read more

Silver Birch Series - Lift up your Hearts


Compiled by Tony Ortzen. This carefully chosen selection of teaching comprises the guide’s wise words over a twenty-year period. Animals, a sprit view of death, mediumship and karma are just four of the many subjects explained. Features a verbatim account of when Doris Stokes and Doris Collins, two of Britain’s most famous mediums, were addressed by Silver Birch. Read more

Silver Birch Series - Light from Silver Birch


Complied by Pam Riva. Contains the last ever teachings from Silver Birch after the sudden passing of his medium Maurice Barbanell on July 17th 1981. Also featured is Maurice Barbanell’s obituary, which the keen journalist, he prepared in advance. His mission with Silver Birch lasted sixty-one years. Pam Riva was the medium’s secretary at Psychic News, the paper he founded in 1932. Read more

Silver Birch Series - More Philosophy of Silver Birch


Compiled by Tony Ortzen. In easy to read question-and-answer form, of special interest are two chapters which trace man from birth to what lies beyond. Social problems, reincarnation and science and science are amongst other subjects examined. This tile ends with inspiring bite-size “points to ponder” Read more

Silver Birch Series - Philosophy of Silver Birch


Edited by Stella Storm. A former secretary to Maurice Barbanell and then chief reporter at Psychic News, Stella Storm covers such issues as natural law, lessons of bereavement, the responsibility of mediumship and “Healing, the greatest gift of all.” Silver Birch also tells what he would say to a television audience. This popular book is now in its sixth impression. Read more

Silver Birch Series - Silver Birch Anthology


Love’s supreme power, what happens after we die and “who is Silver Birch?” are just three of the topics in this absorbing book is still fresh, vital and valuable. Edited by William Naylor. Read more

Silver Birch Series - Silver Birch Companion


Drawing upon More Teachings of Silver Birch and Wisdom of Silver Birch, this volume features an account of the night Maurice Barbanell died and the days that followed. Features the replies the guide gave to a Fleet Street editor. Edited by Tony Ortzen. Read more

Silver Birch Series - Teachings of Silver Birch


Edited by A.W.Austen, first published in 1938, this classic Silver Birch title has do far run to seven impressions. It contains a fascinating Foreward by famous journalist Hannen Swaffer, after whom the Silver Birch circle was named. Silver Birch tells his own story and, as usual, answers countless questions, including life in the spirit realms. Read more

Silver Birch Series - The Seed of Truth


Complied by Tony Ortzen. Based upon two earlier out of print titles Silver Birch Speaks and More Wisdom of Silver Birch which were compiled by the medium’s wife, Sylvia. It contains an account of when actress Mary Pickford, “the world’s sweetheart,” med and questioned Silver Birch. Each chapter ends with one of the guide’s Uplifting prayers. Read more