7 Principles Picture cards


The 7 Principles of Spiritualism in double sided picture cards, featuring imagery and text explaining each principle, a fantastic way to introduce others to the Spiritualist philosophy. Read more

A Guide to Chairing a Church Service


Many newcomers are introduced to Spiritualism via the Church Service. Most come with preconceived ideas, fostered by the media. Often the newcomer is more than a little apprehensive. A well-presented service - properly chaired - can remedy this. Read more

Church Rules 2022 Edition


Rules for all Churches in England, Wales and Northern Ireland affiliated to the Spiritualists’ National Union with guidelines. Read more

Guidance for Students


This booklet is designed to help students to improve their study skills whether you are tackling a SNU course after leaving education for a long time or you are a more experienced student and getting along well but have certain areas that you would like to improve. Read more

Healing Quiz Cards 2022


30 Quiz Cards to help you expand your knowledge of SNU Healing Read more

How to take minutes


For all SNU Churches keeping a record of meetings is a necessary and vital part of being effective. Minutes provide an accurate written record of actions and decisions taken at a meeting for future reference. Read more

How to write a thesis


A step by step guide to extending your Spiritualist education Read more

Introduction to Spiritualism


All you need to begin your journey as a Spiritualist! includes a valuable introduction to the history of the movement, including insights into the Seven Principles, mediumship, education and how the structure operates today. Read more

Pioneers of Spiritualism


A range of 50 high quality cards which feature well-known faces from the history of spiritualism. Read more

Psalm of Life Poster


An exact reproduction of a painting currently displayed at the Britten Museum & Library in Stansted Hall. Read more

SNU Bye-laws and Articles of Association with Blue Binder


SNU Bye-laws and Articles of Association 2018 with Blue Binder. Printed on A4 paper, with 4 hole punch for use in ring binder. Read more

Spiritual Guidance Cards


52 High Quality cards designed to help you focus the power of your thoughts! Read more

Spiritualist Journal


This journal is designed to help you as you develop and grow in your Spiritual life and understanding. Use these pages to capture your learning and progress over time. Read more

Spiritualist Student Journal: Practising with My Written Demonstrations


A first of its kind, a unique journal logbook to support your spiritual journey as a developing medium. Record on paper what you say in a mediumistic practice demonstration. Read more

The Spirit Art of Flowersentience


The Spirit Art of Flowersentience A range of 54 high-quality cards featuring a beautiful selection of flowers from around the world, with a dedicated and inspired explanation of each bloom aimed at inspiring the user. Read more

The Spiritualist Address: Preparation guide workbook by Anne-Marie Bond


Learn to plan, structure your address with guided prompts to write an amazing address on Spiritualist Philosophy. Unique workbook to plan your speech or spiritual talk! Read more

The Wisdom of Words


A range of 54 High Quality cards featuring images intended to inspire, with a quote and additional selected words which will act as an inspiration for experienced and budding speakers alike. Read more