Arthur Findlay - On The Edge of the Etheric

If you have ever wondered what will happen after you die, then this is the book to get. It contains specific, detailed evidence of life after death. Anyone skeptical of the idea should read it because the author presents the most compelling evidence that you will ever find. Findlay was a well-respected man who wrote a massive, scholarly 2200 page book called "The Curse of Ignorance," and therefore knows how to conduct research on a penetrating and revealing level.

"On the Edge of the Etheric" is a lively and entertaining read, containing many true cases. The author presents the evidence in a way that shows how fraud, trickery or coincidence could not possibly explain it -- leaving you with the reality of the phenomena. The book opens with over 70 praiseworthy quotes and reviews from the English press, attesting to the skill of the author in bringing you this powerful evidence. This book may not prove conclusively, beyond the shadow of a doubt that an afterlife exists because it cannot take you there and bring you back. Short of this, however, it makes the idea highly probable. Recommended for every serious researcher, believer or open-minded skeptic.

Reader Reviews

Highly recommended for people who have lost someone very special; it will give you great comfort

If you have lost someone special, are open minded and spiritual, this book written in the 1930s will give you great comfort. I originally bought this book years ago but sadly lost it and, as I was going through a difficult time again, I decided to buy this again. I even bought my therapist a copy too so that she could see where I was coming from.

This is the most amazing proof of life after death I have read (many ...

This is the most amazing proof of life after death I have read (many times) fascinating
and comforting to the bereaved and so believable.

Five stars!

Despite being written in 1931 - it is easy to understand and makes complete scientific sense. Love this book.