A Path Prepared - The story of Isa Northage

This is a long-awaited reprint of the story of Isa A Northage’s astounding physical and mental mediumship with a particular emphasis on the wonderful healing work which was carried out through her by the dedicated Spirit Team, including surgery by materialised spirit doctors, mainly at the Pinewoods Sanctuary and Church, which were built in the grounds of Newsted Abbey, Nottinghamshire.

Reader Reviews

A wonderful book about the life and work of Isa Northage ...

A wonderful book about the life and work of Isa Northage and her amazing mediumship. A must have for Spiritualists.

Hidden gem

Isa Northage was an incredible lady, she built Pinewoods Church and sanctuary in Newstead Abbey Park. If you have ever visited the Church, you will know that it is a special place. It has an atmosphere that has to be experienced, as mere words do not do it justice. I am not quite sure why the details held in this book have not been made public on a greater scale before. This is an opportunity to share the events of the ministers and spiritualists.

An Inspiring Read

This is an amazing book. I was instantly drawn to it when looking for books about physical mediumship despite never having heard of this lady. I found it interesting and hugely inspiring to read. In some ways it is very down to earth, but in other ways, it is the complete the opposite with spectacular spirit manifestations and psychic occurances. So glad I found this book.