SNU Spotlight: Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists - Spiritualism 'at its best', questions of the future and saving Christmas!

We visit Edinburgh Associaiton of Spiritualists for a fascinating, insightful and moving visit that celebrates 'Spiritualism at its best', highlights some incredible community outreach, and ponders deep questions about the future of the movement... Read more

Award your District with the JJ Morse Award!

Award your District with the new J.J Morse Award scheme! If your District Council is active in helping churches and promoting the Religion of Spiritualism, why not nominate them? Read more

SNU Spotlight: Derby Central - Twelve Months of Transformation and Inspiration.

As our 'Spotlight' series continues, we meet the inspiring team responsible for a truly transformative twelve months in Derby... Read more

SNU Spotlight: Fenton - A church 'risen from the ashes' to award-winning success.

We visit Fenton Spiritualist Church for the first in a new series showcasing the wonderful work, excellent achievements and inspiring stories happening across the Union. Read more

Have your say, today!

The SNU invites members, visitors and users to help us shape the future of how we create content and communicate with you. Read more

A Warm Success for the Scottish & Irish District

Secretary for the Scottish & Irish DC, Susan Quinn, has taken inspiration from the SNU's Warm Front Campaign and created a warm space for her own community! Read more

PAS Explained

What is PAS, our Platform Accreditation Scheme? If you are developing your work as a speaker/demonstrator, this new explainer video is a great place to discover what's involved! Read more

Arthur Findlay Memorial

The memorial to James Arthur Findlay in the grounds of Stansted Hall has been identified as a candidate for an Essex heritage list. Read the Psychic News report. Read more