21st-Century View of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism

21st-Century View of the Seven Principles  of Spiritualism

The idea behind the new layout is to help those coming into the religion of Spiritualism to have a better understanding as to the meaning and intent of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism.  Many see them as a set of statements that need to be learned by heart because it is a requirement of the religion.

Numbering the Principles 1 to 7 has the effect of formalising them so that when individuals are asked if they know them they invariably repeat them in number order.  Could we not simplify the system to allow those who come into our religion to have a better understanding at the early stages of their encounter with Spiritualism?

With this in mind I set about compiling a modern version of the Principles that could be used for this purpose without touching or changing the existing Principles. The original Seven Principles have been the mainstay of the Spiritualists’ National Union for over 100 years and have served it well.

Minister Barry Oates is an honorary Vice President of the Spiritualists’ National Union and also co-author of Philosophy of Spiritualism and The Religion of Spiritualism.

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