An Angel in the Playground - Julie Finnemore

Jodie is relieved and delighted when she meets a girl on the playground at her new school after a rather difficult first day. Despite Jodie feeling very comfortable around her new friend, she realises there are a few unanswered questions and events that need to be explained. Jodie goes on to develop a unique friendship with her new companion that is unlike any other she has formed in the past. An unexpected twist at the end is when her new friend reveals a secret to Jodie that will change the young girl's life for ever.

Here is author Julie Finnemore talking to 350 teachers and school staff about inspiration for her book about younger people's spiritual awareness, "An Angel in the Playground."

Read an interview with the author in the

Feb 2019 SNU Today Magazine

Reader Reviews

A lovely, gentle story

"A lovely story that captures the special relationship that twins have whilst opening the imagination of the reader to the possibility that angels exist and help us in our daily lives".

A lovely message

"Great story, lovely message, loved the angel, with some funny moments".

Loved this tale

"A beautifully written, gentle, heart warming story".