Alfred Kitson - The final chapter

In 2015/16 the Muriel Boddington Museum moved from Darlington Church to a repository at Brighouse Church. During the move some notebooks came to light which were the handwritten notes for Alfred Kitson’s Autobiography. Tucked at the bottom of the pile was a slim volume which was marked, “Not to be published with the Autobiography”. Intrigued by this statement, I read the script that was prepared in 1909. Alfred did not want the final chapter of his Autobiography to be published, as he felt that the world was not yet ready for the content.

The Central Committee of the Spiritualists’ Lyceum Union agreed that it was worthy of publication and that the Lyceum Union should go ahead and publish the small document as a booklet. 

It starts to explain the driving force behind the early Lyceumists and gives an insight into the trust that they placed in the spirit teachers who visited them. Read it with an open mind. There was no judgement in Kitson’s life and I found nothing that was in any way offensive to today’s Lyceumists.