Membership fees fall due each year on the 1st October if you have not yet renewed please complete the renewal form.

The Current Membership Fee is £26.00 per year, if you sign up for receiving correspondence via e-mail and set up a direct debit for payment a discount of £5 will be applied to the fee reducing the annual fee to £21.00.

Should you need verification of your IM status for any reason please contact head office.

This page is for Individual Membership renewals only, if you wish to renew your Healing membership please follow this link 

Renewal Form

Membership cards will be sent out once your renewal has been received and processed. However please be advised that due to the current Covid-19 situation which has caused a delay in our Annual General Meeting, the 2021 diary will be delayed and will not be available until early January 2021. This will be sent out automatically in January to all members that have renewed.