‘Best’ of Both Worlds - Rosalind Cattenach

Albert Best was a wonderful medium and healer. Irish-born, he lived much of his life in the Glasgow region of Scotland. This tribute to his work, first published in 1999 deserves to be available to people who are searching for knowledge today. It went out of print with the passing of the author who was a close friend of Albert's for many years, so we felt it was time to reissue it. His work took him across the world to help those in need and although a very private man he touched many peoples' hearts and gave hope to those in desperate need. This is a heart-warming tale of a man who devoted his life to others, told by those who knew him best.

The annals of Spiritualistic history abound with records of the work of many quite astoundingly gifted mediums and such history is most admirably enhanced with the story of Albert Best, his work and his life. Being of nature a man of simple tastes and pleases, Albert Best was never content only to be psychically gifted enough to many amazing proofs of survival of the human personality beyond physical death, but always retained a deep and abiding sense of true compassion for the bereaved and for the sick. 

Demonstrating his mediumship privately or publicly Albert came through with some the most astonishing details in proving between the world of spirit and world but also he was the channel for countless out­pourings of healing energy, so often bringing results in total defiance of medical prognostications. With all his modesty and simplicity of style, Albert was, also quite a colourful character and this story gives an all-round account of the life and work of a remarkable man, one I was proud to know as friend and colleague for over thirty years.

Reader Reviews

Buy it, you will not be disappointed 

I rarely write a review about the Spirit books as I am just a student of Spiritualism. I had read years ago briefly about Mr Best in Gordon Smith's literature. This book held me spellbound from first to last page what a wonderful Medium so modest so earnest in his goal to reassure and bring hope to the bereaved. Thank you to all those who contributed to it.

Albert Best a wonderful medium

Lovely book on Albert Best, he had a wonderful spiritual gift.
Although I never got to meet him the people who did said he was an excellent medium.
Well worth a read, glad Rosalind printed this book, she too has now sadly passed on.
Glad it has now been reprinted as the first copies sold out rather quickly.