A Rainbow Journey


A meditation journey to give peace and emotional closure. Read more

Be Still - Music of Spiritual Unfoldment


The music on this CD is designed to help quicken meditative and altered states. -It is based on the OM mantra chant, recorded live, under the guidance of Swami Dharmananda Saraswati Maharaj. Read more



Mavis and Richard hove worked in partnership to produce this powerful recording which will provide the opportunity to develop spirit communication using the Chakras as a focus for this work the blending of the words and music will lead you on a journey of discovery. Read more

et tu (also you)


et tu (also you) Meditation by Thelma Francis Read more

Extraordinary you!


A transformative guided meditation where our past meets our present, our emotions become healed by our soul, and our spirit is reunited with the transcendent team for spiritual guidance and eternal guardianship. Read more

Innocent Embrace - Lynn Probert CD


Colour is part of our lives in every aspect so with this meditation you will be guided through a perfect way to use visualisation of colour, along with a purpose for each of those colours, that will help you surrender your busy mind and find an inner peace and greater awareness of your own intuition. Read more

Jackie Wright - The Reunion


This is a meditation to allow us to leave behind the hurt that may be holding us back from moving forward with our development and indeed our life. Read more

Journey to the spirit realms - tony stockwell


The question I get asked more than any other in the course of my work as a medium is “what is the spirit world like? This is actually very difficult to answer because the sights, sounds, smells, colours and emotions are not of this earth and quite simply the language doesn’t exist to do justice to the splendour and majesty of how I perceive it. Read more

Letters from heaven - Paul Jacobs and Janet Parker


Paul Jacobs and Janet Parker arc both mediums with a great respect for the Spirit World who try 10 devote their time to helping those left behind when loved ones leave us. Read more

Moments by Sandra Baker and Dennis Smith Vol 1


Moments by Sandra Baker and Dennis Smith Vol 1 Read more

Om Mani Padme Hum Om -Hein Braat - Music for Meditation


Music for Meditation Om Mani Padme Hum Om Read more

Om Namaha Shivaya / Brahma Murari -Hein Braat


Music for Meditation Om Namaha Shivaya Brahma Murari Read more

Peace at Sunset


Letting go of loneliness -know you can communicate with your loved ones. Read more

Re-Creation - Eamonn Downey & Richard Newall


A guided visual meditation to perceptively heal the heart centre of relationships and to restore the spirit’s courage to love Read more

Reflections a self healing experience - Val Williams


Two guided meditations with musical background to encourage a self-healing experience. Read more

Relax in Harmony - Music for mind and spirit


These melodic compositions, delicately balanced with harmonic frequencies, combine to create a smoothing relaxed atmosphere and a resulant flow of energy. Music is energy. Combine yourself with this musical energy. Listen deeply to your inner self and get ready for a newer state of mind! Read more



Remember With the music from Dennis C. Smith Read more

Room with a view - Mavis Pittilla


One of the most experienced and knowledgeable mediums of the 21st century takes you on one of the most important journeys of your spiritual development as you have the opportunity to meet your friends and companions in the Spirit World. Read more

Self empowerment - colin bates


SELF EMPOWERMENT is designed for those who seek a better state within Read more

Spirit communication - Minister Matthew Smith


Matthew Smith has been working with the spirit world for many years as an accomplished demonstrating medium, teacher, speaker and Spiritua list Minister for “National Spiritualism” and allied science’s in the UK and overseas. Read more

Spirit of the waterfall - Richard Newall


Spirit of the waterfall - Richard Newall Read more

Sweet Surrender


A guided meditation of relaxation moving you gently to the presence of your spirit. Read more

The Bridge of Eternity - Jackie Wright


Jackie Wright is a Diploma Holder of the Spiritualist National Union, she works extensively in England and overseas. Jackie very much believes that, the message from Spirit, that we survive death, is only half the story. Their biggest message is teaching us how to survive life. Read more

The Message - Richard Newall


The Message reproduced with kind permission of Maurice Bishop. Read more

The Other Self CD - Gordon Higginson


A series of lectures by Gordon Higginson. In these rare recordings Higginson speaks of Spiritualist Philosophy, Trance Mediumship, Spirit Guides and more, combined with many humorous stories delivered in Gordon’s unforgettable manner. Read more