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Download a free sample of our "Introduction to Spiritualism" course - a great way to start building your knowledge and understanding of the religion of Spiritualism.


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Fund of Benevolence

The Fund of Benevolence exists to provide help to sick and elderly Spiritualists who are in need. Do you know someone who needs our help? Is a member of your congregation ill or struggling? Has any long term member been taken ill? If so why not donate today and help someone when they need it most.


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Healing News Spring 2018

The Healing news bringing you all the latest as an SNU healer, a great way to keep up to date. Share the page with other SNU healers by clicking on the icons at the end of the article.


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President's Blog April 2018

Minister David Bruton's blog shares his update from the latest National Executive Committee meeting held at the Barbanell Centre, Stafford. (Edition 39)


Author: Alv Hirst

Latest events

  • World Congress of Spiritualists

    Details of the 2018 World Congress of Spiritualists, to be held at Stansted Hall, Essex, UK. Read more

  • Peace Walk

    Annual event to promote world peace held on July 7th 2018 Read more

  • Healing Awareness Week 2018

    Open to everyone, Healing Awareness Week aims to promote the benefits Healing can bring as well as making it more accessible to the wider public. Read more