Living in Two Worlds - Ursula Roberts

Living in Two Worlds is Ursula Roberts’ rather unusual account of the life story of a well known medium who describes herself as the symbol in the story written by Hans Anderson: the ugly duckling which turned into a swan. Ursula considered that she turned into a swan after rece1vmg an unexpected mystical experience, which seemed to stimulate her latent mediumship to such an extent that she has literally lived with spirits, as well as the ordinary world of human beings. Her search for an understanding and renewal of that experience led her into the orthodox church, then to a yoga group, and finally into involvement with Spiritualism, where her outstanding talents as a healer, clairvoyant, trance speaker and inspired writer have made her known throughout the world. This book recounts some fascinating psychic happenings and reveals some of the complexities which arise in a medium’s life through contact with spirit entities. Those familiar with the teachings of her spirit control known as Ramadan will be fascinated by the account of the manner in which he first made contact with his medium when she was living at Eastbourne, near a place called, rather aptly, Paradise. 

Her account of the gradual attainment of “The peace that passes understanding”, after many doubts and a lot of soul searching, should give encouragement to many people who are struggling to find Peace in themselves. Reminiscences contains some of her recollections after more than forty years spent in meeting Spiritualists. She recalls some of the more interesting episodes told to her by other mediums and workers. Among them, an account by a medium who recalls details of her past life in Poland which makes fascinating reading, especially for those who have an interest in re­incarnation. The British love for dogs is emphasized with instances of the spirit return of some ‘doggie friends’. The name of Ursula Roberts is well known wherever there are people interested in parapsychology and psychic happenings. She has demonstrated her powers of perception in places as distant as New Zealand and Australia. People in, Israel, Africa and Canada have listened to her words and read the pamphlets and books written by her.