Guidance for Students

This booklet is designed to help students to improve their study skills whether you are tackling a course after leaving education for a long time or you are a more experienced student and getting along well but have certain areas that you would like to improve. The skills we develop through study have an incredible impact on how we view everyday life. Many skills are ‘transferable’ and this simply means that we can utilise skills in writing or research to help us in other areas of our lives such as the workplace or studying further education outside of the Spiritualist community. For those who are nervous of tackling an essay it is hoped that this booklet will give you the confidence, and for those who are more experienced the encouragement, to study further and gain qualifications with the Spiritualists’ National Union. 

The Spiritualists’ National Union recognises that there is a need to encourage students to gain the best possible educational experience and in order to help to raise standards it is important that students understand what is required of them. In order to raise the standards the Education Committee has devised a tutor marking process, which in turn will help tutors and students. 

The Union would like students to become analytical thinkers so that they can achieve a solid foundation of the Spiritualists’ religion and philosophy. It is hoped that this booklet will assist those students who need support in tackling the required criteria on courses at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.