Mini Hymn Book

Mini Hymn Book (New layout for 2023)

Includes 60 hymns in easy to read layout.

*These are printed in house so please allow extra time if ordering large quantities.

1. Silently The Shades Of Evening

2. All Through The Night

3. Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace

4. Great Spirit

5. Teach Me Thy Way, O Lord

6. Great Is Thy Faithfulness

7. In The Garden

8. Absent Healing Hymn

9. Heal Me, Hands Of Angels

10. Keep The Beacon Of Spirit Still Burning

11. To God We Look For Fatherhood

12. Morning Has Broken

13. Joy Illumines Everything

14. A Happy Song

15. Purer Yet And Purer

16. Stand Up, Stand Up For Spirit

17. I Walk In The Light

18. The Dawning Light

19. I Danced In The Morning When The World Was Begun

20. How Great Thou Art (1)

21. Joyful, Joyful

22. I Need Thee Every Hour

23. Spirit Divine, You Have Come To Us

24. I Dreamt I Was A Shaft Of Light

25. Awake Within Us

26. Be Still, My Soul

27. Gentle Twilight, Softly Stealing

28. Amazing Grace

29. I’ll Not Live In Vain

30. The Spirit Has Come And He Calls Us To Follow

31. This Gladsome Life

32. Peace Be Thine

33. Our Thoughts Unite In Harmony

34. The Day Thou Gavest

35. I Hear The Angels Singing

36. How Great Thou Art (2)

37. The Sea Of Life

38. We Are Sailing, O’er Life’s Ocean

39. At The End Of The Day

40. I Thank My God

41. Let There Be Peace On Earth – Vesper

42. At The End of Another Day – Vesper

43. Silent Night

44. Brethren, Awake

45. O Come, All Ye Faithful

46. The Children Are Waiting

47. It Came Upon The Midnight Clear

48. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

49. Children Join In Happy Throng

50. Hark! The Healing Angels Sing

51. Our Forebears Waited

52. All Over The World

53. Shine, Spirit, Shine

54. Do Not Leave Me

55. Let There Be Love – Vesper

56. Thank You

57. When A Knight Won His Spurs

58. One More Step

59. The Candle Song

60. Pansies, Lilies And Roses