On The Side Of Angels - Gordon Higginson's Life Story

Gordon Higginson's Authorised Life Story complied by Jean Bassett

“On the side of Angels” is not only a thrilling biogra­phy, detailing Gordon’s action-filled life, but takes an inside look at one of the greatest ever Spiritualist mediums. Gordon gives his views on a range of topics, telling of some of the compelling evidence he has received from the dead It is the unique story of an equally unique man, one whose life bridges two worlds -this one and the next.

Gordon Higginson’s birth was ordained -by the spirit world. Now none would dispute that he is Britain’s best-known medium, one whose gifts include not only trance and clair­voyance, but the dramatic faculty of materialisation when the so-called dead literally appear in the seance-room to be reu­nited with loved ones. 

President of the Spiritualists’ National Union for over 20 years, countless hundreds of thousands across the United Kingdom have marvelled at his brilliant clairvoyance not only in Spiritualist churches, but in halls and theatres, including London’s famous Royal Albert Hall. 

Jean Bassett author

Jean Bassett was a medium, Spiritualist Minister and holder of the Spiritualists' National Union's rarely-bestowed 'Fellowship Award'. Her Fellowship was awarded for this very book; Jean worked closely with Gordon up until his final days to ensure the book was as concise as it could be, Gordon passed away 3 days after he approved the proofs and never got to see the final published book. 

Her last book, the highly acclaimed 'One hundred years of National Spiritualism' celebrated the Spiritualists' National Union's centenary. 

Reader Reviews


Brilliant book on a brilliant man!

"Brilliant book on a very gifted evidentiary medium and healer! Gordon touched so many lives with his loving, compassion and charismatic demonstrations that there is indeed life after death. He also paved the way for many others following in his footsteps. I loved his book!!"

A book in a million written by a man in a million

"Gordon Higginson was one of the best Mediums that the U.K. has ever seen. Those who saw his work were left in awe of a humble but spiritually great man who had time for everyone who crossed his path. This book is living testament to his lifetime's devotion to his work as a Medium and to the Spiritualist Movement. If you only ever read one book on Spiritualism, this is the one to read, without a shadow of a doubt."

Heartfelt and beautiful words

"I loved Gordon Higginson Book so heartfelt and beautiful words with his Journey with his life and his journey with his teaching of spiritualism to many who continue to teach from the master worth reading love his philosophy and work so pleased and thrilled to have read his book."

A wonderful Book

"A Wonderful book! always find myself picking it up and reading segments again and again."

Hear Gordon Higginson Speak

The Other Self lectures were recorded at Stansted Hall on 25th October 1982 during ‘Friends Week’. 

Purchase the other self lectures here on CD here

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