Philosophy of Spiritualism book

Philosophy of Spiritualism book

In 2004 the Spiritualists’ National Union established its Philosophy and Ethics Committee, the task of which was to consider philosophical and ethical matters as they relate to Spiritualism today. This book is the result of three years’ work undertaken by the Committee. It is an up-to-date discourse on the SNU Seven Principles of Spiritualism and is the most definitive explanation of the Principles since their adoption by the Spiritualists’ National Union in 1901.

The book may challenge some existing philosophical ideas and stances on the SNU Seven Principles. It may be that those who are sceptical of the claims of Spiritualism will come to understand why so many people follow its philosophy. Those new to Spiritualism may find the book and inspiration and guide. Others may discover a confirmation of their own thoughts and ideas. Some may find comfort and reassurance. Whatever is gained from this book, it is hoped that it will give cause for reflection and be informative and enjoyable.

The authors believe that, as mankind’s understanding of the world and universe evolves, the interpretation of the SNU Seven Principles will develop. This book is therefore not intended to be a final explanation of the Seven Principles. It is hoped that what is written here will encourage thinkers and writers of the present and future to use the book as a basis for further research and exploration in the light of new and emergent knowledge and understanding.

About the Author

The Philosophy of Spiritualism was the first publication by the new Philosophy and Ethics Committee of the Spiritualists’ National Union in 2007.

The first Committee formed in 2004 and consisted of the authors of this book, Minister Barry Oates, Minister David Hopkins and Officiant Carole Austin. The three worked for almost three years to put together the most considered modern discourse on the Seven Principles of SNU Spiritualism. A second publication from the authors, The Religion of Spiritualism, followed in 2010 and is available in from the SNU at