What's in our final edition...

"All good things must come to an end"

Seems a fitting quote for this issue. Yet, as we know only all too well as Spiritualists, what some may see as an end, we always know to be just the start of the next chapter. A transition to what comes next. This is true of our SNU Today magazine, that has for so long been the Religion’s magazine, and one of the ways of keeping us all in touch with each other. But times are changing, and so too are the ways in which we communicate, and the needs of our members.

- SNU President Minister Jackie Wright

Spotlight on..

We began our ‘Spotlight’ series earlier this year with in-depth visits to individual churches and centres, to recognise and celebrate their achievements and all the hard work they are doing in service of Spirit and the movement. We promised at the time that these would be delivered in print as well as online, and I’m pleased to say that the first handful of ‘Spotlight’ articles are included here in this issue.

Spirit Photography across the world!

We also have a fascinating interview with photographer Shannon Taggert, whose career and journey has taken her across the world in pursuit of capturing Spiritual, psychic and other phenomena on camera, including at Lily Dale, across America and Europe, and even at our very own Arthur Findlay College.

Updates & looking forward

Coming off of the back of what is always a busy time for the Union, you will also find content from both our annual Peace Walk at the National Memorial Arboretum, as well as the Union’s AGM in Norwich, both of which took place in July. President of the SNU, Minister Jackie Wright’s address, is included in full. Hopefully it is all a positive, interesting bellwether for what is to follow. Just a teaser of the ideas and plans that we have to come.

This is our last edition of SNU Today so grab your copy now!

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