Simply Inspirational Speaking by Karen North

Simply Inspirational Speaking is a compilation of transcriptions taken from live recordings exploring the philosophy of Spiritualism, delivered at churches across England and Wales.

The author, Karen North, channels the words of her spirit guide, White Feather, for the benefit of all those who are ready to listen. Karen has transcribed recordings of these inspirational speaking sessions, so that the words of wisdom may travel still further.

Reader Reviews


Great teachings from the Spirit World!

"I love this book so much, can’t put it down it is written by a great ambassador to the Spirit World. Karen has a great gift and her communications from the Spirit World really need to be heard, even better to witness. I know you will enjoy this great teachings from Spirit."


"This is a wonderful book of Inspiration and philosophy from the Spirit World. A beautiful method of learning what happens following the Spirit leaving the physical world. The truth. Thank you Karen for being the channel between the two worlds."

Authentic Trance

"A truly brilliant factual collection of the philosophy of spirit, to help all whether you are new to spiritualism and want to learn more, or experienced where the addresses can be used as a reference to the vast subject of philosophy. A very authentic book."