Eric Hatton - Taking up the challenge

'Taking up the challenge' is the story of one man's determination to find an answer to the question we will all ask at some time or another - Is there life after death? When Eric Hatton's much-loved brother was killed in1946, he was determined to embark on his own investigation. Thus began a quest for evidence which has so far spanned more than six decades. During that time Eric has become one of Spiritualism's best-known figures, respected for his transparent integrity and the level-headed approach he brings to the examination of evidence for survival beyond death. An accomplished speaker and broadcaster, Eric has shared a platform with many of the greatest mediums the Spiritualist movement has produced.

Though his experiences of the next world - some of them breathtaking - have left him with a complete conviction of the reality of the afterlife, his career as a successful businesman has meant that his feet have always been planted firmly on the ground. Eric's extraordinary story is at times challenging and at others heartwarming. Above all, it is the startlingly honest and inspiring account of a man who had to find out the truth for himself.

Reader Reviews

Spiritualism: Is this now a dead movement?

Eric Hatton is a remarkable man, he genuinely embodies the meaning of the 7 Principles in Spiritualism,. When I met him recently, I felt the love for all those who share our planet, just shining out of him. He is very passionate about life, the universe and everything :)
His clarity of thought, and wonderful speaking just reaches out and touches you, as it is straight from his heart. He has been enormously influential in developing the movement, particularly from the latter part of the 20th Century, and up to the present day. This book is about how he became involved in Spiritualism, and the wonderful mediums and personalities he has met over the years. He is not afraid to express his opinions about the direction the movement is currently heading, and highlights how personalities and ego can get in the way of truly connecting with Spirit. For me this had echos of how organisations start out with good intentions, but become too big, and lose sight of the original principles. (e.g. the NHS)

Eric is now in his eighties I believe, but his zest for life, learning new things, and having new experiences have not diminished over the years. I would recommend anyone involved in the Spiritualist movement to read this book, and to remind ourselves of how Spiritualism was practiced in the latter part of the 20th centuary. For me, this highlights how the movement these days seems to be about developing mediums and healers in a 'one size fits all' manner, and Eric's book offers insights into how we as Spiritualists can get back to those earlier philosophies that allow individuality in mediumship development.

5 stars Bestseller? Deserves to be!

Closest thing we've had to a political biography from within the movement since Conan Doyle's day, so not before time. Important lessons here on how institutionalism ever seeks to quench Spirit. On top of all that this is a rattling good story filled with fascinating insights from late modern spiritualism in England written by someone obviously right at the heart of all the action. Mr Hatton writes as a true gentleman sharing wisdom, insight and fascinating pen sketches of many of the great spiritualist names of recent years. Without in any way blowing his own trumpet Eric comes across as a real hero and it's a fact that without his efforts we'd have lost the Psychic News This is a book you'll learn from as well as enjoy. Deserves to be a bestseller

Taking up the Challenge 

Mr Eric Hatton's book, is, as one would expect of such a great gentleman, written in beautiful English, which is a pleasure indeed, in these days of sloppy grammar and bad editing. His subject is his life, and the life of all of us, if truth be known. His style is, like the man himself, kindly, calm, selfless and spiritual - in the very highest sense of that word. Every Spiritualist, or seeker after truth, should make this book a part of their library - it is a fount of blessings.We can all, whatever our religious views, profit from true goodness and broad-mindedness like Eric Hatton's - such rare gifts, and such wonderful experiences! IT has lifted the heart and strengthened my spirit, and I am sure it will help others, of whatever faith, but especially those of us who have chosen to be Spiritualists.