Experiences of Trance, Physical Mediumship and associated phenomena Part 3

This final book of the ‘Alexander Project’ trilogy and the accompanying CD provides further interesting reports of trance and physical phenomena. 

Herein Katie tells of the overwhelming sadness within the Alexander circle as a result of the tragic passing into the Spirit world of a prominent circle member following a fatal road accident. She tells of the changes that were forced upon the circle and sensitively explains how, through a perfect stranger, the departed member was to quickly provide irrefutable evidence of her own survival. 

Also included in the book are fine detailed illustrations depicting physical phenomena in action as Katie takes us into the seance room. Additionally, she explains how so-called ‘Book-tests’ were introduced and communicated by the Spirit people. She also shares with her readers interesting accounts of the traditional Christmas tree seances which the Alexander circle participated in and she reports in delightful detail the evident joy of the sitters as the Spirit children played with the toys provided. These special festive seances also include excellent evidential communications. 

These are just some of the wonders within the ‘Etheric Connection’ as it seeks throughout to demonstrate and prove survival after death and how it is all made possible by the blending of the two worlds through the physical mediumship of Stewart Alexander. 

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Reader Reviews

A must have book for those interested in Physical Mediumship

A must have book for those interested in Physical Mediumship, it offers a mind blowing description into the possibilities of our friends from the Spirit World must have book for those interested in Physical Mediumship.

Loved this book

I purchased this book to complete the set that Katie wrote. I throughly enjoyed it because it explains about what happens in Stewart Alenders physical mediumship circles.Thank you Katie and a Big well done! x

If you believe III

Having attended a demonstration by Stewart Alexander I can only confirm the contents of the book to be true.