Experiences of Trance, Physical Mediumship and associated phenomena Part 2

Part Two includes, as did Part One, a read and listen section as Spirit people talk about their own post-death experiences, communicating by 'direct voice' while materialised in the seance room. Hear them talking as they show their own Spirit Light ofup to 6-7 inches in diameter, (16-17cms), which some times they intensify to display their hands and arms. Over 100 minutes of seance room recordings, on 2 CDs, are available to accompany the book.

Katie Halliwell shares her experiences in the Alexander Home Circle, including hands-on-healing, direct from a materialised Spirit person; plus a variety of fantastic physical phenomena, demonstrated by Walter Stinson, who passed into Spirit nearly 100 years ago. She has included her own sketches to illustrate the phenomena which have not as yet been photographed.

The book also features reports by people from different parts of Britain and also Europe, as the medium, Stewart Alexander, continues to travel, giving more public demonstrations, to help the Spirit World spread the priceless knowledge of the truth of survival beyond the grave.

ISBN 978-0-9557050-2-1