The Minister Administration Committee has responsibility for all matters in connection with the Ministership, the Officiancy and the Approved Celebrancy.

Its duties include considering and reporting on recommendations for these appointments, training and assessing approved candidates for these, arranging for the ordination of Ministers and services of acceptance of office of Officants and Approved Celebrants, issuing of appropriate documentation in respect of these supporting them following appointment, appointing and revoking the appointment of Regional Superintendent Ministers, conducting a biennual review of all Ministers, Officiants and Approved Celebrants, formulating and revising as necessary the procedures for assessment for the Ministership, and arranging for the holding of periodical conferences and refresher courses for Ministers, Officiants and Approved Celebrants and the dissemination of information about these.

All communications for the committee should be addressed to the Secretary

The Members of the Minister Administration Committee are as follows:

Chairman Minister June English

Tel: 01709 211242

Email: [email protected]


Minister Brenda Newall

Tel: 07508723264

Email: [email protected]

Secretary Minister Suzanne Gibson-Foy

Tel: 07837 784663

Email: [email protected]

Committee Member Mrs Lynn Parker OSNU

Tel: 01270 586700

Email: [email protected]

Committee Member Minister Jenny Peacock

Email: [email protected]