The Collegiate Committee provides educational facilities at the Arthur Findlay College and the Barbanell Conference Centre for the purpose of advancing the religion and religious philosophy of Spiritualism and the understanding of allied philosophies.

Its duties are to administer the college and centre, their finances and staff, to maintain the custody and upkeep of the contents of the college and centre and any additions thereto, to cultivate and maintain the grounds of the college and centre, to ensure the economic and full use of the accommodation at the college and centre throughout the year, to maintain, repair and decorate he buildings of the college and the centre as it thinks desirable.

All communications for the committee should be addressed to the Chairman

The Members of the Collegiate Committee are as follows:

Chairman Minister Jackie Wright

Tel: 07542383521

Email: [email protected]

Vice-Chairman & Principal Minister David Bruton

Tel: 01827 289579

Email: [email protected]

Secretary Mrs Ann Kelly CSNU

Tel: 07875 009092

Email: [email protected]

Tutor Representative Minister Matthew Smith

Tel: 07766370660

Email: [email protected]

Committee Member Mr Danny Goodchild CSNU

Tel: 07737 319103

Email: [email protected]

Arthur Findlay College General Manager Ms Tanya Smith

Tel: 01279 813636

Email: [email protected]

Barbanell Conference Centre General Manager Mr Seamus Davies

Tel: 01785 615513

Email: [email protected]