The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the Union's finances under the Chairmanship of the Financial Director of the Union and for the maintenance and upkeep of the Stansted estate, excluding the Hall.

Its duties and functions include cultivating and maintaining, repairing and decorating the designated buildings, considering, advising upon, recommending and carrying out structural alterations or extensions to these, and administering the occupancy of these or any part thereof and receiving the rents arising therefrom.

The committee also acts as the representative of the Union in relation to property in sole, joint or appointing trust and trusts appertaining to cash, effects and other personal property.

It duties and functions include maintaining a register of property in trust, arranging for safe custody of all trust deeds, title deeds and records of property, obtaining, preparing and submitting advice on trusts and properties to the National Executive Committee or other bodies or persons concerned, dealing with the purchase, sale or other disposal or property, considering applications for assistance from churches in trust with the Union, making or recommending advances or grants, cooperating with the SNU trust on facilities for churches, appointing or revoking the appointment of persons to the National Panel of Trustees and Wardens, appointing or revoking the appointment or wardens and approving the appointment of trustees, and receiving and checking trust property reports of churches, trustees and wardens.

All communications for the Committee should be addressed to the Chairman.

The members of the Finance Committee are as follows:

Chairman Mr Danny Goodchild CSNU

Tel: 07975 649068

Email: [email protected]

Vice-Chairman Minister David Bruton

Tel: 01827 289579

Email: [email protected]

Secretary Mrs Sadia Bowering

Tel: 01279 816363

Email: [email protected]

Trust Property Coordinator Mr Graham Hewitt

Tel: 07740 868515 

Email: [email protected]

Committee Member Mrs Christine Bond OSNU

Tel:07977 481209

Committee Member Minister Jackie Wright

Tel: 01642 035097

Email: [email protected]

Committee Member Minister June English

Tel: 01709 211242

Email: [email protected]

Finance Administrator Mrs Lesley Gilbey

Tel: 01279 814158

Email: [email protected]