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Do You Know Someone Who Needs Our Help?

Is a member of your congregation struggling to attend Church? or recently been taken ill? 

The Fund of Benevolence provides help and support to sick and elderly Spiritualists

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The Fund of Benevolence would not be here without your generosity why not make a donation today?

A donation to the SNU Fund of Benevolence could help someone when they need it most. Spiritualism is a caring religion, people should never be forgotten just because they can’t attend Church anymore. Please give generously to this worthy cause enabling us to continue the good work of assisting our elderly workers and friends in need.


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If you know someone who would benefit from our support let us know, and hold out a helping hand today! 

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Senior Citizens Week

Senior Citizens’ week is run by the SNU Fund of Benevolence and is open to all Spiritual senior citizens’ aged 60 and over.  It is a lovely friendly week with our top tutors giving a variety of sessions and courses.  Every effort is made to cater for students at all levels and abilities, offering guidance for any undeveloped or unacknowledged gifts in a gentle and sympathetic manner.

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