Its duties and functions include promoting and encouraging the practice, study and investigation of the art and science of Spiritualist healing, working as far as possible in co-operation with the medical profession, encouraging and supporting Churches, Kindred Bodies and Pioneer Centres to commence and maintain Spiritualist Healing Groups, assisting in training of potential Spiritualist healers.

The members of the Healing committee are as follows:

Chair Hazel Middleton CSNU

Tel: 0208 537 0092

Email: [email protected]

Vice-Chair Samantha Underwood CSNU

Tel: 0208 520 4091

Email: [email protected]

Secretary Patricia Elliott

Tel: 01207 591166

Email: [email protected]

HAS Co-Ordinator Kathryn Crossley OSNU

Tel: 07761 909287

Email: [email protected]

Online Training Co-Ordinator John Marr CSNU

Tel: 07903 388715

Email: [email protected]

SH1 Course Organiser & DSNUh Trainer Susan Tabrett DSNU

Tel: 07779 457185

Technical Support Lorna Harper CSNU

Technical Support Derek Plummer