Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic any complaints submitted will not be dealt with in the stipulated timelines as stated in our complaints policy until the lock down is fully lifted and operations return to normal. All complaints will still be dealt with but due to current limitations a delay in response may be caused, your complaint will still receive an acknowledgment of receipt and Head Office will do its best to inform you of any likely delay. We would ask that complainants are patient and bear with us during this very difficult global situation.

The Complaints Committee is responsible for dealing with all complaints in relation to matters for which responsibility is not assigned under the Bye-laws to another body.

It duties and functions include, making, varying and revoking its rules of procedure, keeping records of all complaints referred to it and decisions thereon, appointing mediators as may be necessary, appointing individual members to hear complaints, exercising powers in relation to complaints as are provided for in the Bye-laws, requiring security for costs, where appropriate, and making orders for costs appropriate.

All communications for the committee should be addressed to head office.

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