The General Purposes committee is responsible for considering, advising upon and recommending changes in the structure of the Union relating to status and policy, considering and advising the National Executive Committee upon all matters in connection with the Unions constitution, and advising upon any other matters not dealt with by any of the Standing Committees or NEC sub-committees or by the National Executive Committee.

All communications for the committee should be addressed to the Secretary

The members of the General Purposes Committee are as follows:



Email: [email protected]

Vice-Chairman Minister Judith Seaman

Tel: 01924 272631

Email: [email protected]

Secretary Mr Charles Coulston, B.A., Hon DSNU



Committee Member Minister Jackie Wright

Tel: 01642 454254

Email: [email protected]

Committee Member Mrs Sadia Bowering

Tel: 01279 816363

Email: [email protected]

Committee Member Mr Christopher Pelham-Wright

Email: [email protected]