The Education & Exponents Committee is responsible for the administration of the Union's awards and accreditation.

Its duties and functions include considering applications for the appointment of Approved Teacher, considering applications for, and awarding, Diplomas and Certificates of Recognition, considering applications for and granting, Platform Accreditation, Healing Accreditation, considering recommendations for, and awarding, the Long Service Award, the Gold Service Award and the Diamond Service Award, arranging for periodical Final Assessment Boards for the assessment of candidates for Approved Assessor, Approved Teacher, Diplomas, Certificates of Recognition, Platform Accreditation, Healing Accreditation and Church Administration Accreditation, formulating and revising as necessary the classes of Diploma, Certificate of Recognition and Accreditation available, publishing from time to time the procedure and assessment criteria relating to all awards and accreditation, and arranging the practical training and assessment of students of the Teacher Training Course.

The Committee also has responsibility for all matters in connection with spiritual healing within the Union. Its duties and functions include promoting and encouraging the practice, study and investigation of the art and science of spiritual healing, working as far as possible in co-operation with the medical profession, encouraging and supporting Churches, Kindred Bodies and Pioneer Centres to commence and maintain Spiritual Healing Groups, assisting in the training of potential spiritualist healers, receiving and dealing with all applications for registration of Spiritualist Healers and maintaining records of all registered Healers.

All communications for the committee should be addressed to the Secretary

The Members of the Education & Exponents Committee are as follows:

Chairperson Mary Watkin OSNU

Tel: 07531 393402

Email: [email protected]

Vice-Chairperson/DSNU Course Organiser/SNUi Liaison

Donna Barker DSNU

Tel: 01491 523822

Email: [email protected]


Andrea Dunn OSNU

Tel: 07814 500876

Email: [email protected]

EECom Services Co-Ordinator

Suzette Carlyle-Thorley CSNU

Tel: 07753 252672 

District Council Liaison

Andrea Dunn OSNU

Tel: 07814 500876

Email: [email protected]

Assessors Co-Ordinator

John Fitzgerald CSNU

Tel: 00353 872 651853

Email: [email protected]

CAS Co-Ordinator

Minister Myrrha Hibbert

Tel: 01623 530332

Email: [email protected]

PAS/CSNU Co-Ordinator

Jacqui McGleish OSNU

Tel: 07969 967406

Email: [email protected]

PAS FAB Coordinator Paula Dowidchuck

Email: [email protected]

Teacher Training Coordinator

Lorraine Gilbert-Gray OSNU

Tel: 01895 672702

Email: [email protected]

Teacher Training Tutor

Lynn Edwards OSNU

Tel: 07460 260680

Email: [email protected]


Michelle Youell DSNU

Tel: 07738 196665