Bringing Science back into Spiritualism. On March 9th SNU invited churches, groups and individuals to take part in 3 research experiments set by the Science Working Party:

1.     Power of Intention, where intention is sent to samples of cooked rice

2.     Healing in Water, where cress is watered with plain water or water treated with healing

3.     Conditioning a Room, where a room is conditioned by a group of people concentrating on a feeling, and persons subsequently goes into the room and describes what they feel


We have now received the first reports from the experiments, and we are happy to share them here. We have not received enough results to be able to analyze the results or to draw any conclusions.


Here are summaries of two results from Wakefield Church by Libby Cook.

Power of Intention Experiment

In this experiment positive or negative thoughts were sent to different samples of cooked rice labeled ‘positive’ – ‘negative’ and ‘neutral’. The neutral sample was not sent any thoughts.

A clear difference is seen in the 3 samples below – but the interesting thing is that the positive labelled sample is the moldy one, the middle jar has the negative label, and the right one is the neutral. The jars were labeled by another person than the experimenter, and the jars were labelled in a different order to the original intent of jar 1, jar 2 and jar 3. The original intent, not the labelling on the jars created the outcome. So, the labelled positive jar became the negative as it was actually jar number 2. It will be interesting to look into this as a separate experiment, as the original intent about the jars was adhered to, not the intent from the names on the jars.

(Positive label left, negative label middle and neutral right)


Healing in Water Experiment

In this experiment crops are watered using healing water or normal water. 6 healers sent healing to the water used in this experiment.

In week 1 there was only a very slight difference between the two crops , but you could see the healing water crop had fractionally more growth outwards.On day 3 the healing water crop sprouted slightly earlier , by the end of the day though both were equal in growth.

It was the taste that was significantly different. The healing water crop had a far stronger taste and aftertaste.

(Week one. Healing water crop is the right of the photo.)


In week 2 both crops had wilted and you couldn't see any difference in them. But again, it was the taste that was different. The healing water crop tasted fresher and stronger.

Try it yourself

Want to get involved? It is free to take part in the experiments – it only takes some time and a few ingredients from your side. You will be able to see results for yourself which can offer a deeper insight into the power of thought and intension.

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Each research group/person will need to register with SNU to participate.

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If you wish to register via post please print your registration form and submit to: Science Research Registration, Redwoods, Stansted Hall, Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex, CM24 8UD For additional information and support please email [email protected]