Thoughts from my book of life revisited

As the title suggests the book is part autobiographical. Many of the sections have been inspired by his family experiences and speak volumes for the happy childhood that he enjoyed. His father was a miner and money was short but the family enjoyed a rich spiritual life within their emotionally stable family life. Nature, the senses and the intuitive appreciation of the greater world that surrounded and informed them was the source of their inspiration. Raised in a small mining village in West Yorkshire Sid still enjoys life in that area. Now retired from a varied material working life his spiritual working life still continues, with healing, addressing Spiritualist services and visits as a Prison chaplain. He has been a member of the Wakefield Spiritualist Church for over fifty years and was President for seventeen years. His first love has always been healing, and he and his wife both hold the Healing diploma of the SNU, working in church and also attending hospitals. Over twenty years ago a man attending one of Sid's services told him that it was a waste of spirit's time if what had been said was not written down and retained for the future. Each piece is advisory on how to live our life. How best to relate to others, how to enjoy life and how to become closer to God. They are a practical guide to living. The writings teach what is truly of value in this world and how to prepare for the next life that awaits us all.

Sid's writings gently inspire us to live and learn to the full and to be an inspiration to others. They are also, an invaluable resource for those looking for inspiration themselves for church services.

"A Good Book THIS BOOK IS A GOOD ONE IT IS A BOOK OF GREAT BEAUTY! Every sincere seeker will find something to stimulate further research, " Read this book slowly" and digest inwardly, but interest is never lost;  A living "presence" vitalises all its pages. This book was not designed for mere dabblers in psychics, But something of far greater soul worth; (NOTHING LESS ) it is in fact an enduring exposition of the religion of Spiritualism, The higher Spiritualism, and one that will live by virtue of the of the truth, the purpose of this book is to awaken mankind to the ecessity of religion." - Karen Bouton C.S.N.U.