SNU TODAY Magazine Nov 2020

Our Unexpected Journey

Our November edition of your magazine, and it goes without saying that it comes to you in such challenging times. This issue is later than usual to enable us to include information from the delayed AGM, and to keep you informed as a new electoral year for the Union begins. You will see that much of the content in these pages reflects what is happening in the world, but I hope it reflects the resilience and creativity within our movement that is allowing Spiritualists to remain connected with their religion. You’ll find a record of the many twists and turns we faced as the lockdown loomed, and quickly closed all places of worship throughout the UK. We also find case studies and personal accounts of how individual Spiritualists have coped with the restrictions placed upon us. We hear how funerals have been impacted, but discover that the power and presence of Spirit has helped to overcome some of the barriers. 

We’re reminded of the power of Spiritualist Healing through a real life testimonial to its important place at the heart of Spiritualism, and through a church’s efforts to demonstrate that distant healing means “distance no object” to it being effective. We also look to the future as we contemplate the journey ahead. Contactless collections are explored, and we find that other religions have successfully introduced a digital option for their congregations as cash continues to fall out of fashion. The impact of technology on the development of mediumship is put under the spotlight, and we explore the importance of finding ways to record the powerful narratives that weave our experience as Spiritualists together. As we focus on the here and now, it’s easy to forget that we are the pioneers of today, making the history of tomorrow. I hope that you are all coping with this turbulent year, and I look forward to hearing from our churches how they are coping and finding ways forward through the restrictions we all face. Our next issue is due in February 2021, and work has already started on it. As always I am keen to hear from you if you have something to contribute to your magazine. In particular, this year has reminded us of the many social injustices that still exist. Thankfully, Spiritualism stands out as an inclusive religion, and we should always aim to build on this and make it even more so. We’ll look further into this next time, so if you’re a Spiritualist from a minority group please get in touch to help inform the discussion.





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