Harry Edwards

Harry Edwards was probably the most sought-after healing medium of the 20th century and was well-known for his absent healing.Read more


In a timely reflection, Minister Alan Rawnsley shares some thoughts about the spiritual symbolism of snow.Read more

SNU Healers

Information and downloads for SNU Healers including circulations news and other publications.Read more


Minister Nora Shaw shares her perspective on the power of individual prayer in the face of a challenging world, and Spiritualism's empowering nature.Read more

Spiritualism and Equality

Julia Almond OSNU reflects upon the 100th anniversary of the success of women's suffrage, and Spiritualism's contribution to gender equality.Read more


Minister Nora Shaw reflects on the spiritual value of friendship during her first encounters at a Spiritualist Church.Read more

Trevor Barton CSNU

Read more

Robert James Lees

Born on 12th August 1849 in the bakers shop sandwiched between the Black Horse and the Queen’s Head public houses (the bakery and the Queen’s Head were owned by his father-in-law, Joseph Patch) in the small English town of Hinckley.Read more

Alfred Kitson

Born in 1855 in West Yorkshire and passed to spit in 1934. Alfred Kitson was one of Spiritulism’s early pioneers.Read more

The Bangs Sisters

Known as the Bangs sisters, May and Lizzie were famous for their precipitated paintings. Produced in broad daylight, these pictures simply appeared on canvas.Read more

Making Time for God

Minister Suzanne Gibson-Foy reflects on her growing understanding of God's presence in her life.Read more

A Blessing of Music

Minister Alan Rawnsley shares thoughts on the spiritual aspects of music, and the blessings it can bring.Read more

A New Year Message

Minister David Bruton, President of the Spiritualists' National Union, launches our "Perspectives" page with a New Year Message for 2018.Read more

Spiritus Italia

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Oahspe Stichting

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