Prayers for New Zealand

In the aftermath of the acts of terror that took place on March 15th in New Zealand, SNU Almoner, Minister Marian Bishop sends thoughts and healing to those affected. Words that we can all share in.Read more

A Heavy Load

Minister Jackie Wright considers our role in life, and our responsibility within it.Read more

Are We As People Progressive?

Technology, spirituality, humanity... Minister Janet Parker shares her view on how we do (and don't) secure our progress.Read more

Mr Werner Koopmann

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The Wreath

Minister Jackie Wright recently represented Spiritualism at her local cenotaph for the 2018 Armistice Day. Her experience demonstrated a valuable perspective on growth which she shares with us.Read more

The Voice of Red Cloud CD

Hear the voice of Red Cloud through Estelle Roberts, these recordings are estimated to be over fifty years old and have never previously been available on CD. The audio has now been digitally cleaned and restored. Click here to buy a copy.Read more

Wacky Races, and a Lesson!

Minister Alan Rawnsley recalls a perspective on life from a taxi in Marrakech, reminding us not to make assumptions.Read more

Brand New 7 Principles Postcards!

The 7 Principles of Spiritualism in postcard size cards, featuring imagery and text detailing each principle. Buy yours HERE!Read more

Muriel McGilvray

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Religious Freedom

October 27th 2018 is International Religious Freedom Day. Minister David Bruton shares his perspective of its significance to all of us.Read more

Annekee de Graauw

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Product Focus: 21st Century View of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism

A new way of thinking about the seven principles by Minister Barry Oates, a short but engaging book detailing Barry's own views on the Principles of SNU Spiritualism.Read more

An SNU Almoner

Did you know that the SNU has an Almoner? Do you know what this involves? We recently met up with Minister Marian Bishop, who holds this position in the Union, to find out more about this crucial role.Read more


Your regular Union update, News, reviews and comments from around the Union, keeping you informed of the what, where and how of your SNU – Yesterday, Today and TomorrowRead more


Helpful information and guidance on GDPR within ChurchesRead more

Church Documents

Here you can find downloadable documents to assist with the running of your Church/Centre.Read more

Spiritualist Hymns & Carols

There are now a number of websites where hymn music is available to download for free, or for a small fee. These can then be burned to CD or copied into digital players for use in services.Read more

Hymns - Not Just Songs of Praise

Minister Alan Rawnsley ponders on the purpose of hymns. Find out where his thoughts take him...Read more

Lyceum Courses

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Central Committee

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