Zoom services / a guide for beginners

This video was created with churches in mind by the Publicity & Promotions Committee. It explores the value and importance of using Zoom as a digital outreach tool to strengthen your church, and the key basics of delivering a Spiritualist service online for those wanting to take that step but are not sure how. It is aimed at beginners, and those who have little or no knowledge, to provide a starting point on your Zoom journey.


00.00m Introduction - why Zoom is a valuable tool

08.00m Setting up a Zoom account

10.43m Profile &settings

11.52m Setting up / scheduling meetings

24.53m Waiting room & passcodes (security measures)

26.40m Starting a meeting

28.20m Guided tour or the Zoom screen & controls

36.42m Using Zoom controls to manage your online services

52.52m Conclusion - going forwards, further support & things to think about

Mentioned in this video is the following download of suggested Zoom settings to balance accessibility with security.

Zoom Settings

If you would like to share the link to this video with "digital volunteers" in your church, here it is > https://youtu.be/6KZ-GGwyKwQ