Beyond Matter by Dr Oliver Lazar (2023)

Oliver Lazar's book is the one I would like to have written – but he has the science knowledge and the spiritual experience to do it properly. It is the one book I would advise all thinking spiritualists to read. It tackles head-on our modern society's belief in materialist “scientific” ideas which are not in fact justified by the science itself! Lazar's motivation to write the book was a profound spiritualist experience which upended his conventional approach to truth. 

Professor Lance Butler sums up the value of the book on the cover of the English-language edition: “Oliver Lazar's work is exactly what we need. With him we finally have someone who knows the biology, the physics, the medicine and the computing science that normally accompany materialism, but it was these very disciplines, along with a stunning spiritual experience, that thrust him into taking the existence of a higher dimension equally seriously. He has brought real sense and scientific rigour to the subject of the afterlife.”


This is the one book you need to further inspire your search for truth and light and to be able to argue effectively with those sceptics who dismiss spiritualism as unscientific. It isn't, proved in this book!