Mission statement: To research the psychic sciences, phenomena of mediumship and healing, including the relationship to consciousness, with a scientific approach to advance Spiritualism in today’s world.

There is a growing need to bring Science and Spiritualism closer together and now is a pinnacle time.

Penny and the team have created several work streams to help bring awareness to the Union’s members and enquirers.  Efforts include building relations to strengthen collaborative ventures with researchers, projects for churches and members to participate, aiding interest in the science of Spiritualism from the ground up.


Penny Hayward, DSNU

Heading up new venture for the SNU

Penny has always been interested in the bigger questions since she can remember.  Why are we here, What’s out there, What’s the point of this life?  After embracing the spiritual pathway some questions were answered.  However, while learning how to use the mediumistic skills is valuable, there are more questions that rise up and need exploring.  How does the medium alter their consciousness, and can it be proven?  Penny’s interest in the scientific side of Spiritualism has grown over a number of years. It wasn’t a hard decision to take on this new venture.


As a new course organiser at Arthur Findlay College Penny was asked to provide something different.  Amongst the courses, Penny designed a weekend course on Consciousness and a weeklong course on Science & Psychical Research.  So far, guests have included a Physicist and a Monroe Institute outreach engineer, and new researchers and interesting speakers will be added.  Penny’s studies in Spiritualism reflected the rich history Spiritualism had with scientists and researchers, however, there seems to have been a disconnect.


Since then and at the end of 2023 Penny was asked by the National Executive Committee to head up a new venture for the Spiritualists’ National Union.  A Science Working Party, dubbed “Arthurs Vision” by the team, has been created and exciting progress is being made.  Part of Penny’s role is forging and strengthening relationships with other researchers and research organisations.  This includes involving them in the Science Week at Arthur Findlay and collaborating on projects for the Spiritualists’ National Union.



Bo Schmedegaard CSNU

Coming from a non-religious and materialistic childhood, Bo began to question the classic scientific worldview and he has since tried to find a more credible worldview. Bo is skeptical of nature, but open to change his views if convincing evidence is produced. More than 10 years ago he started investigating the practical aspects of some of the things he only had read about, starting with healing and since also developed mediumship.


Bo has studied mental mediumship, physical mediumship and done small scientific studies on consciousness and mind-matter interaction. All these studies and experiments have convinced him that the current mainstream science is incomplete and even faulty about consciousness and mind. A more correct view needs to include nonphysical elements like a soul which is separate from the physical body. Bo wants to study this further and help in any way to improve our understanding of who we really are.


When Bo was asked to participate in the formation of SNU Science Working Party he immediately accepted.



Chris Lane

Chris is the current President of the SNU's Colchester Spiritualist Centre and a history graduate. He is fascinated by science in general and its relevance to the understanding of spiritualism in particular.


“My role for this project is to lead on developing our knowledge and understanding of some of the range of pioneering work being done by scientists, medics, other academics, and researchers on related issues. For example, the UK-based Scientific and Medical Network has been involving leading thinkers together for 50 years and the American Windbridge Institute, Institute of Noetic Sciences, the Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Science, and the Monroe Institute have all done brilliant work.”



Richard Stuttle CSNU

Richard is a certificate holder of the Spiritualists’ National Union. A working platform medium, spirit artist and healer. Demonstrating and teaching in churches and venues around the United Kingdom and abroad. He is also a professional artist, creating fine art for exhibition and intuitive art for healing and wellbeing. Richard studied healing at the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary. He is a certified healer and registered with UK Healers. Richard also sits on the board of trustees, supporting and helping to promote the importance of healing in today’s world.


“I have always had an interest in altered states of consciousness, mediumship, and healing. Identifying the subtle differences in energy through feelings, sensitivity, and emotion. Science is very much part of my generation, understanding the nature of the universe but more importantly the nature of ourselves. Translating the frequency and vibrations we feel, and how our conscious mind can better understand our human experience in this world and our connection to the spirit world and beyond.


Part of my role in the project is to liaise with Redwoods keeping our Science and Research page updated with regular information from the team. Advising on questionnaires, research material, document design, imagery, and content.”