Harold Sharp Auragraphs - The Complete Collection: Vol 2

One hundred of Harold Sharps Auragraphs spread across two volumes, carefully reproduced from his original journals, this is the first time a definitive collection of Sharps auragraphs have been available in book form. Also available in this series Volume 1: Auragraphs 1-50

“A fascinating insight into the work of Harold Sharp and his Spirit guide, also a great tool for your own Spiritual development!” 

Vol 2: Featuring aura plates 51-100

An auragraph (originally known as Symbolic Art) is an automatic drawing and colouring process associated with and pioneered by Harold Sharp and his Spirit guide Chin Shih. The auragraph is a graph of the human aura executed in a delicate and intricate manor using colour and intricate rhythmic designs. Produced at high speed each auragraph would start differently, sometimes beginning in the middle of the sheet, or occasionally starting in one corner. The colours are usually established first and then the ink drawing is superimposed. Witnesses would describe seeing Sharps pen weaving across the page with great accuracy often depicting subjects as complex as waterfalls caves, and woodland vistas in a matter of minutes. Even the most intricate auragraphs where executed in no longer than an hour. The largest auragraph measures 26in by 14in. The most consistent size is a circular form with a diameter of approximately 7inches. Harold would later collate one hundred of his auragraphs into two leather bound journals all of which are faithfully reproduced in these two volumes.

Sharps auragraphs are all produced under the influence of spirit guide Chin Shih, a young man from China believed to be of around 30 years of age. Chan had often been described to him by various mediums, but until these drawings began Sharp did not know the reason for the spirit association. In 1966 Sharp, then in his late 70s, visited Peking, where Chan Shih had lived and worked as a metal engraver, he saw the house and commune where he had lived

Harold Sharp

For over a quarter of a century Sharp worked at the Marylebone Spiritualist Association, founded in 1872, today known as the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (SAGB). 

He was also a prominent figure in the early days of the Arthur Findlay College and is regarded as a pioneer of the movement.  In the 1970’s Harold moved into a care home in Golcar, West Yorkshire where he died soon after his 90th birthday on February 22nd 1980.