Colin Fry - Inspired of Spirit

As one of Britain's leading psychic mediums, Colin Fry has helped countless people find peace and inspiration during the darkest and most challenging times of their lives. But he too has faced enormous personal obstacles, from serious illness to deep financial troubles, from emotional heartbreak to professional turmoil.

He explains how his great-grandmother and his grandmother also had the gift of communicating with the Other Side, but paid a tragic price for their he himself suffered a stroke in his late he nursed his adopted brother through terminal he struggled to 'come out', and suffered in a 22-year financial problems could have ended his career, but taught him priceless lessons instead.

The author of several best-selling books including demonstrating to vast audiences throughout the UK, he has also undertaken highly successful visits to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Sweden and Norway. Millions have witnessed Colin's psychic gift through TV appearances.


Inspired of Spirit

"Inspired of Spirit" presents trance teachings from Magnus, one of Colin's spirit guides. A financial director of a publishing company in the late Victorian era, Magnus passed on around the turn of the last century. He acts as a spokesman for a group called "The Diamond." 

This fascinating book highlights spirit-given answers to a host of subjects not only including details about dying and the spirit world, but many other topics, such as euthanasia, abortion, transplants, animals, rebirth and space travel. Here are some words from Magnus: 

"The strong protect the weaker and the weaker protect the weaker still so that in a chain of unconditional love, the hand of the strong holds the hand of the weak and the hand of the weak holds the even weaker so that all are cared for." 

"Treat all life with honour, all life with dignity and all life with unconditional love." 

"Every moment must be a moment of exploration and discovery. Every encounter that you have with another life form, whether it be humankind or animal-kind, must be an experience of gaining understanding of the process of life." 

Healing Words, Fascinating Words.

What a fantastic book thanks to the great ability of Colin to channel his guide Magnus, and give us words of comfort and great wisdom from the Higher Life. I have read the book twice and no doubt will refer to it again and again. I have since read many other similar books of teachings but this one seems to stand alone. Highly recommended!