Psalm of Life Poster

SRA3 size poster print with white border, Printed area measures: 295mm x 430mm Paper size: 320mm x 450mm


This painting is the work of Mr Robinson working in trance condition with eyes bandaged, in a dark room. It was completed in three seances of ninety minutes each. Primary colours were supplied by the committee. The gilt was produced by the spirit artist who used the mediums hands. Test conditions were very strict.

The event took place in the home of William Smallin, South London in the year 1890. The medium was a post office worker, who possessed no artistic skill in the normal state. Presented to Richard Boddington in the year 1897. He presented it to the Spiritualist National Union on 21st of June 1957.

This re-print has been digitally reproduced by the Spiritualists’ National Union using a high resolution camera and editing software. You can find the original framed painting along with many other exhibits currently on display at the Britten Museum & Library. The Museum is located within the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, Essex and is open to visit upon request.