SNU TODAY Magazine Sep 2019


In this issue you’ll notice the theme of community. More and more our religion is looking outwards to ensure it is relevant and needed by the communities where our churches and centres stand, and by the world we live in. We will present several community and charitable initiatives from around the Union, and discover that the connections made are raising the profile of the church, and reaching new people. It reveals that enacting our principles in the communities we serve is also helping us to survive and thrive – such is the incredible power of seven! As November’s Interfaith Week approaches, I am excited to share with you a piece that Dr Maureen Sier of Interfaith Scotland has written. It will give you an insight into her recent experience at our AGM in Glasgow, illustrate the interconnected nature of religions, and inspire us all to reach out and connect with others.

"SNU Today is a great insight into what's currently going on in around SNU Spiritualism, it features articles from many members and Ministers of our religion."

You’ll find an update on Barbanell house, the new on-site accommodation at the Barbanell Centre. You may want to find out about their courses after some of the Gordon Higginson Memorial Scholars share some thoughts on their training experiences so far. There’s also more about our latest “Way of Life” workshop that popped up in the Southern District. For this issue, I’ve been lucky to interview two inspirational Spiritualists for you. The first is Minister Janette Cookson who was recently named Spiritualist of the Year. You can find out about her journey in Spiritualism, and her work in it too. I also interviewed Paul Gaunt, historian and Curator of the Britten Museum and Library, learning more about his passion for our vivid past. There’s the usual round-up of news to give you just a flavour of what’s happening around the Union, which thanks to its army of volunteers is living, breathing and evolving every day. Don’t forget to tell us what’s happening in Spiritualism where you are – sharing great news strengthens Spiritualism’s profile and reaches the parts that “keeping quiet” doesn’t reach!

We’ve got lots of great things to shout about… Until February, then, when we can report on the World’s Big Sleep Out. Look out for us on our social media channels and website in the run up to December 7th, and help us raise awareness to put an end to homelessness on this planet.

Let us know if you’ll be sleeping out too!

Alv Hirst

SNU Today Editor


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