SNU TODAY Magazine September 2021

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I hope our September issue will help you to feel optimistic that Spiritualism and Spiritualists have found a way through what has proved to be difficult times. We share examples of our churches coming back to life, two important landmarks in Spiritualist life. In particular, our Year of the Environment and the climate crisis that the world faces.

We learn that nature is a recurring theme in Spiritualism’s philosophy and teachings, and that our collective power, as individuals and as church communities, has a vital role to play in reducing our footprint on the environment, and in standing in the way of further environmental damage.

We also visit churches in the UK and oversees, and travel back in time to find out about a Pioneer who played their part in the history of our movement. Our Ministry also features in these pages, and an insight is provided into the work and motivations of Officiants and Ministers who talk about their experiences in their own words. 

SNU Today in the British Library!

Finally, this issue carries its own ISSN Number, and means that “SNU Today” will now be archived in the British Library’s permanent collection. All of your work in our religion is important, and deserves to form part of recorded history.

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