"An Audience With The President" is a series of live, interactive discussions hosted by SNU President, Minister David Bruton. Each show welcomes guests with expertise in their field, and the YouTube films below come from the science weeks that were held - all of them attended, demonstrating a strong interest in this area in the Spiritualist community, and beyond.

Minister David Bruton discusses the area of scientific research into Spiritualism and associated phenomena, joined by Professor Chris Roe of Northampton University and PhD researchers. Our live audience ask their questions about this fascinating subject. Recorded December 2020 from a live Zoom session.

Minister David Bruton and panel guests (Chris Connelly MSc DSNU and Tricia Robertson) discuss just a few aspects of the growing field of scientific research activity that continues to take place around Spiritualism and associated phenomena. Both panellists, who have significant experience and qualification in the field answer questions from the audience. Recorded June 2020 from a live Zoom session.