Recently, whilst preparing a Celebration of Life Service for a friend’s mother, I needed to describe her approach to life as succinctly as possible. 

A chat with the crematorium superintendent had left me in no doubt that the 20 minutes allowed for the actual service was non-negotiable! Also, the family had already chosen 8 minutes of music for inclusion during the service, not including that for the entry and exit.  The need for brevity was paramount.

Google search to the rescue! From the options this provided, the family chose the following -


As each day ends may I have lived, that I may truly say;

I did no harm to living kind, from truth I did not stray;

I did no wrong with knowing mind, from evil I did keep;

I turned no hungry soul away, I caused no one to weep.


The source was given as ‘The Egyptian Book of the Dead’, a set of writings intended to support the Soul’s journey from Earth to Heaven. For some inexplicable reason, these words have remained with me... constantly turning over in my head. I can honestly say that they have prompted a much needed revitalisation of my spiritual reflections and purpose.

I feel the need to share them, and what better way than through ‘Perspectives’.

Written about 4500 years ago, these words and their sentiments are as relevant today as they were then, and certainly complement a number of the Seven Principles. Going forward my hope is that at the end of every day I will be able to ‘truly say’ I met every one of the objectives described. Time will tell!

I hope these words inspire you in some way.

God Bless.

Minister Alan Rawnsley