The day I am writing this article is the 21st September. It is also World Peace Day. 

Yesterday my son, son in law and I, had a lovely day out at Goathland. For those who don’t know where it is, you may know it as the setting for the British TV programme, Heartbeat. It is a small village with beautiful walks. The rain had made the walking conditions a bit more difficult but still as beautiful.

One of these walks is called Mallon Spout and it leads you over rocks and a river to a beautiful water fall...

The last time I went my son was just a small boy and life was very different for both of us. I recall holding his hand then to make sure he didn’t fall into the river or onto the rocks. This time it was his turn to hold my hand, to slow his pace so I could catch up, and hold out his arm so I could navigate the rocks. I thought to myself how life changes, and how quickly roles reverse.

In these uncertain times, and remembering today is World Peace Day, why don’t we all extend a hand to someone who is struggling to climb the rocks of their life?

If we all practice this, then maybe world peace will be a reality and not just a dream!

The Brotherhood of Man is everyone’s responsibility

Minister Jackie Wright