The journey from the old into the New Year is a simple earthly linear cycle. We take sweet memories forward with us as we untie ourselves from regret and missed opportunities.

2020 was a year that made history and changed the world forever with grief, loss and fear, but also gave time for reflection, a new sense of community and responsibility. Social injustices were profoundly revealed, wounds and flaws exposed as we spiritually awakened!

We celebrated the joy in the little things, the ordinary moments are saturated in the most precious of memories, the things taken for granted that once gone leave the deepest chasms!  We searched for new ways to retain connectivity.  The loving hugs that fed our souls were replaced with virtual hugs on digital screens.

There is strength knowing we are more than our physical bodies with fragile egos; we are a higher spiritual intellect who’s light can never be extinguished.  That flame so bright glows more precious in the candescence of Divine Illumination.  The vibrant flames of light souls, dancing like fireflies as they are pulled towards the oneness of the knowing and remembrance of the great eternal light.

Follow the path yet invisible beneath your feet, your intuitive voice knows the deepest needs of your soul’s journey.  It might be a soul’s purpose unknown, not realising the joys you imprint on peoples minds and hearts.  Earthly measurements are inadequate to trace the threads that interconnect us in this wondrous web of life.

Don’t worry about potential failures, because you miss so much more if you don’t even try! Take a step in any direction because it brings you closer to your hopes and dreams.  A step never taken alone because although unseen you will always be divinely guided.

Find your authentic self the glorious soul you truly are!  Be a light to illuminate others still emerging from their cocoons of darkness.  Because you are like soft butterfly wings as you rise and fly so freely, forever moving onwards!

Marie Lisseman OSNU