Finally, the decision has been taken. Families will be able to spend time together during the Festive Season in spite of but with regard to the Covid crisis. 

But the Covid threat, with all its harm and hurt, has generated within humankind a greater realisation of some of the basic values of life, values that the 21st century had often stolen from us potentially reducing our spiritual value and life worth. 

It has enlivened the real meaning of ‘family’ those we hold dearest and love the most. The words ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ have taken on a greater significance as the privation of the basic human instincts of fellowship, companionship, love and brotherhood have been denied us.

Some of us have had the heartache of not being able to be with loved ones as they journeyed from earth to heaven. We have been denied the opportunity to be part of life services to celebrate our loved ones’ earth journey. Fortunately, as Spiritualists we are blessed with understanding that loved ones will have successfully journeyed into the Spirit World and that additional messengers of love and light will have been put in place to cover our absences. 

The meaning of ‘community spirit’ has taken on a whole new importance as people isolated because of the pandemic have received help and support, often from people who have no significant links with them. Mankind has been inspired with ideas and motivation to help one another in ways never previously considered or thought possible. 

So, with all the difficulties that Covid presents to our celebrations and all the uncertainties that lie ahead I hope that with careful consideration of these restrictions you will enjoy heart-warming moments with your family and friends and have ‘A Celebration to Remember.’ 

As we do so I would ask that somewhere in amongst the festivities we take time. Firstly, to thank God for our blessings and also to apply the true message of Christmas. A message that is the same for all humanity irrespective of ethnicity, political views, religious beliefs, dogmas or creeds. 

“Peace on Earth – Good Will to All men."

And as the bells ring out and the fireworks explode signalling the birth of another year, we will carry the energy of these words forward. That coupled with the love of God and some of the hidden lessons that Covid-19 has reminded us about together we will create a robust foundation. 

A foundation that will make 2021 a year of hope and understanding, for you, for your loved ones, for mankind and for the world.

Minister Alan Rawnsley

(November 2020)