“We are living in unprecedented times”, we are constantly hearing this statement every time we put on the TV or radio.

Yet for me this time has brought me a greater realisation than possibly at any other time in my life. For the first time I have been forced to be away from my family, and friends. I am communicating with them via the telephone, no hugs or recognising of their smiles, little things I have always taken for granted. I find myself, when my son phones or texts, looking at his photograph so I don’t forget his smile.

I have become more aware of my neighbours, as they look from their windows and wave. In the past I have been guilty of just walking by without a look or thought. We are not hearing on TV about terrorism or wars, we are hearing how people are doing extraordinary things to help others.

We are hearing how we all must pull together and get through this. The colour of our skin is no longer important, the church we worship at is of no consequence, because they are all closed; we are looking individually for our connection to God. And we are seeing that God and Spirit can communicate through so many other ways not just a building. Technology has become our church.

But maybe more importantly we are realising we all need each other. The communication we have taken for granted is now so desperately needed.

One thing is clear: We are all in the same boat, no class distinction, no religious divide, so therefore no judgement is taking place. I look forward to the times when our churches open their doors once more and we are truly celebrating our truth together. But in the meantime, I have become more aware of the needs of my fellow human. And that we are all in the same unprecedented times, the Brotherhood of Man is so much needed now.

Who comes my weary life to bless,

With thoughts and acts of kindliness,

For one who lies in sad duress?

My Neighbour.


Who never wishes to know my creed,

But only sought to know my need,

And proved they were a friend indeed,

My Neighbour.


When crushed and weak with weary pain,

Or bowed by sorrows bitter rain,

Who comes to cheer me up again?

My Neighbour.


Through these long years of helplessness,

Who can their kindness e’re express

I can but ask that God may bless

My Neighbour.

(Nettie Colburn Maynard)

Let us all be each other's neighbour at these unprecedented times.

Minister Jackie Wright