When we begin to understand the teachings of Spiritualism, our awareness of life and the way we feel individually can also increase our sensitivity towards others. The gradual development of our spiritual  awareness also has an effect on our perception of world affairs, especially when we hear the almost daily reports of deprivation, poverty, starvation, terrorism and enforced homelessness particularly affecting millions of refugees.

In our comfortable homes and with our religious freedom it can be hard to understand exactly how others living in the same world can endure such pain and heartbreak, and maintain any shred of dignity in their seemingly hopeless battle for a place to live without fear. I know of several very nice people who say they don’t read the news or watch it on television because it makes them sad and they cry… and yet within us we have the power to help. Some of us are able to help physically by becoming involved in charitable work, or by raising awareness or donating money, but all of us can use the power of God.

The known Power of God through prayer and absent healing can be used by us all to eventually help bring a change in people’s attitudes thereby encouraging peaceful co-existence and mutual understanding throughout our planet.

Minister Nora Shaw