I am currently staying with my sister in Hampshire. It is becoming more obvious each day that autumn has arrived as the trees show a gradual change from green to yellow, brown, gold and red. This reminds some that we are approaching the harvest time and our churches will soon be holding their Harvest Services.

For me that heralds the opportunity to sing with gusto the harvest hymn: ‘We plough the fields and scatter’ etc accompanied by that wonderful tune, Wir Pflugen.

I regret that we only get to sing this great tune annually. Even more regrettable is that the very inspiring words similarly get an annual rendition because for me they express my gratitude to God but more importantly confirm his closeness.

The words that close the hymn are profound as they echo the simple requirements that our Father God has of us -

‘And all that thou desirest our humble, thankful hearts.’

It seems to me that every new project or pathway we undertake requires a symbolic ploughing and scattering of seed and that for every opportunity successful or not, my humility and thankfulness is all that is required.

I hope you will enjoy singing this wonderful hymn this harvest time and perhaps might do so with added purpose and humility; I certainly intend to.

God Bless

Minister Alan Rawnsley